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Why are Jedward in the picture (seated)?


not only is that a terrible PR exercise - there is no evidence at all of any questions being replied to. We still are none the wiser, and they have doubled down on the terms they have used without explaining any of them.

the only concrete examples are one player being called lazy and Cora deciding to take the frees even though TWO other players were designated - and then claiming afterwards “sure I didnt know” I cant imagine either player not telling her “I’ve been told by the manager to take this”


exactly. it’ll lead to an exodus of male managers and trainers from the sport now I’d imagine.


One thing’s for sure, if/when Peter Leahy leaves, nobody will touch the Mayo Ladies job with a barge pole.


Except maybe Cora Staunton. :thinking:


I know there are some dangerous terms being bandied about but I think the fact that most girls stayed and the defectors are largely one club shows there are no real safety or welfare issues. I’m not sure these people have even considered the potential implications of the language of their complaints but they might have a long hard think about them. It is gone too far now and there needs to be a thorough investigation to nail down these issues and to establish if there is any substance to them. I’d imagine Peter Leahy would welcome this.


are the LGFA interested in that, though.


If it gives rise to issues as indicated in posts here they should be. The integrity of the ladies game is in question.


well, from my (TBH limited) experience of the LGFA that would be a first.


Ridiculous press conference. Doesn’t futher their cause in the slightest. Some of the things they are trying to label as being mental health issues, I find deeply distasteful. Since when is being called ‘lazy’ a mental health issue? I must remember that the next time my boss expressses his displeasure with me of a Monday morning, for not answering a single email before 11am and three skinny lattes. Not being flippant here, but it comes across a nothing more than as a face saving exercise and, a blatant attempt at piggybacking onto the very serious and real mental health issues that many athletes have worked so hard to highlight.


Ah Nooooooooo…


I agree with most of the sentiments above. The use of this type of language is very damaging to the instances where they are actually relevant (I.e. not when you don’t like your football manager). The players might be right (or might not) fundamentally in that the manager is not good at player management, but that’s what it is, it is not anything remotely as sinister as they suggest.

The LGFA does great work at underage level, (although I would prefer if all organisations were under the same umbrella). But the senior game is in a weird place. It has this mega successful All Ireland day. But for every other day the attendances are beyond poor. It really needs to solve this. It also needs to solve the fact that the top 4 teams will beat the rest out of sight on most days.


Embarrassing from the mayo ladies players who walked.


Think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. This all comes across as the players not liking the manager, but the terms being used strike a very dangerous tone and from the statement I don’t see substance to them.

One of the players said the damaging environment was created for only a few players and not the rest, but if it was worthy of walking away from the rest of the squad would have been well aware of the issues and left en masse.

It leaves a sour taste for me. The departed players have not covered themselves in glory here


What’s the feeling on the ground in Mayo mayoman? Would most people be behind Leahy or the Carnacon girls? Or would there be an even split?

Is there much talk about it or is the identity of the new men’s manager occupying people more?


If Cora went and played with the lads and Diarmuid went and played with the girls would they both instantly be better equipped for a shot at AI glory?

The O’Shea’s could even manage both groups simultaneously!


Mao county board have just come out strongly for the manager.

Total cluster ■■■■ at this stage.


Did they read the statement out of their little red book?


I think the majority are with the manager for now becAuse the girls who walked have not provided any detail…mental health? Why did the majority of the team stay? Run ours are Cora was told she wouldn’t be an automatic starter and one or two others from Carnacon were told same and they kicked up.

Honestly though most people here are talking about the men’s search for a manager.


one player was given two weeks notice that she wasn’t going to the picked. terrible. sure Kieran Doheney found out he wasnt in an all ireland final when he was told there wasnt a suit for him…

now, i am no fan of the portloaise prat, but he had this interesting point on his twitter today

he is also fairly annoyed at the boilers

again, he has a point - OTB pretending that the manager hasnt said anything is very dishonest to say the least, not to mention they attempting the neutral broker stance.