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this pic of Joe looking on at cavanagh is all sorts of hillarious.

deliberatly so, the file name on the indo site is “Brololll”


this guy?


Dubintipp destroyed and debunked Spewan’s stuff many moons ago, and now big hitters like Brolly and Curtis are all over this like a cheap suit. It still won’t stop appealing to the great unwashed though, they’ll believe Spewan, because of a few reasons. They hate Dublin, they know no different, they idolise the PugMan, and well, of course, they are morons.

I feel pity for him, he clearly has some form of mental illness. Let him off and stop letting him try to belittle our brilliant team and their amazing achievements with his claptrap and nonsense. He hates us. Simple as. His tweet after last years final whistle and his liking of the Cooper stabbing tweet are when he lets his mask slip. And he ain’t no phantom of the opera. More of a Halloween masked clown!


Could you repost Dublintipps points I remember spewan quickly refused to engage because he had no answer


Don’t have time right now, sorry, but if you search through DIT’s posts, it’s quoted numerous times on this site.


Will do cheers


Even better is there screen grabs of DIT tweets to pugboy?



The funding per registered player narrative is holed below the water line thanks to the work of yourself and others. Good that some journalists have caught up.

The rich county vs. all-the-other-poor-counties-with-not-a-cent-between-them (mis)conception hangs tough. But, hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Here you go, some excellent work from comrade D in Tipp


Cheers for posting, @Vin - probably one of the best posts ever put up on any internet forum, globally.


I joy to read thanks for posting it


Not my work, I just bookmarked it for future reference, one of the best posts ever put on the site



That is utterly embarrassing for them. Cora’s ego knows no limits. The rest of them are a bunch of idiots for allowing them be dragged into this situation and making complete clowns of themselves.


It’s deplorable stuff. And they seem to have reiterated their use of the word ‘unsafe’. Could be a court case yet if this keeps going.


To be fair , a lot of them are young women in that photo - they will go with the flow


There must be some adults within that club who have a bit of cop on. They are disgracing themselves and their club. As Alan points out they’re playing a very dangerous game with some of the words they are using.


It is truly the snowflake generation.Nobody really gives a sh1t really but they are just heaping ridicule on themselves. Leahy must be fuming … and seeking legal advice.


They ticked all the boxes in their statement anyway. They felt isolated, intimidated, undermined and helpless… Whoever wrote the statement definitely read the bullying 101 handbook.
Like many others I would have serious concerns about how the players are phrasing their complaints. In a situation where men are involved in coaching womens teams phrases like safety and player welfare conjure up images of the likes of Derry O Rourke rather than hurt feelings. it was dangerous and quite possibly deliberately done and hopefully a stop is put to this before it gets completely out of control.


And in the meantime Cora gets to go off to Australia and make some more money.

She’s s@@ting all over her own legacy.