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Good man Roy, never a real fan of his writing style, but have to say I enjoy him on Podcasts. He gives both barrels in this. Good to see.


“Which would you prefer? Watching Ciaran Kilkenny, the ginger Modric, unlocking doors and facilitating beauty; or listening to some career cynic repetitively dial and rant on 1-800 Invective?”

“the confused, contradictory tirade that in one breath accuses Dublin of swallowing the GAA whole and in the next laments relatively tiny playing numbers and support.”

I wonder who Roy could be talking about :thinking:


“And so much more about the bitter worldview informing those labouring beneath the illusion that financial doping and sheer weight of numbers are the sire and dam of this thoroughbred band”

i wonder too


A brilliant piece Roy. Thank you


Plenty of well deserved return fire aimed at the anti Dub trolling media over the past week; Brogan, Brolly,Whelan, Hickey, Christie, Curtis, Kevin Mac, etc.
Coincidence or Coordinated ?


Dont really care, just nice to see it fired back.


Great to fire it back with a 4 shot volley one for each of the Sams in a row we have just won. Would be nice to see a balanced view in the media on the drive for 5 but before that were still wandering over the hill into the sunset with Sam I our hands. MAGIC


Maith an obair RC. :+1:


Considering we don’t have an “Anglo-Celt - GAA Articles” thread, I’ll leave this here. The dedication of Cluxton to the cause we can all see but here’s a tangible example of what he’s all about from way back.


Acknowledgement of Cluxton’s dedication, yes. But every positive comment underpinned by jibes re the money. No acknowledgement that the same monies spent on preparing the Dublin team are spent by all the top teams. And this ongoing bullshit reference to grant money per registered player! Ffs! For a fella that went to DCU, a fine university he ain’t obviously the sharpest is he!!


Yeah, the “per registered player” thing has just grown legs & been bandied about all over the shop at this stage. Real lack of attention to detail & lazy journalism.


Its the times we live in, Fake news is king.Jarlath Burns was on with Wolly podcast and made a clear point.The money the GAA put into fund GPO is for the work outside the club in schools so is per capita,the work done in the club is paid for by the club. Thats the model thats used but that will never be accepted by the headbangers.


That’s the whole idea of it. Every time you click on his links etc he gets paid for it…


it came from some undergraduates paper a few years ago. I would love to be able to get a hold of that paper, all we have ever seen are the one or two graphs and his tweets.

Registered players does not equal all players or participants. Participants is the correct metric when you consider what the money is paid for. Of course, Registered Players is a much smaller subset than participants and results in your grossly inflated headline hooking number.


Do you know the name of the undergraduate?


nope, id imagine a trawl through the rivers of bitters tears on twitter will find it.


Thankfully that point is at least getting flushed out now. From Mick Quirke (not posting a linky to the article as it’s the Examiner)
"For example, breaking down the funding per registered player is a false narrative. Much of that money which is gone to games development is spent working in primary and secondary schools from one end of the year to next, the majority of those children would not be members of any GAA club. While the inequality of the funding should be obvious to all, the focus should really turn to re-dressing the balance as quickly as possible as opposed to trying to belittle the achievements of a truly great team."


and yet in the very next line he says this?

you would think that there are NO ISC grants available outside of dublin, wouldn’t you?


Shane Mangan. I think it was part of a postgraduate thesis btw