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They do. All the time but I’m not offended and you shouldn’t be either! :grin:


Plenty of counties already use facilities in Dublin for large groups of their intercounty players to train. When I viewed it last year the gym schedule had a block booking for “Longford”. Seemed odd to me but obviously a convenient location for a number of their inter county players based in Dublin.

Didn’t Donegal players get in trouble for wrecking the Home Farm soccer pitches in Whitehall not that long ago too.


probably from landing their helicopter on them.

are we all ready for some dung out of the cabbage patch on sunday? he was an angry man on twitter for beling left wait to interview jim after the match.




For the moaning of journalists about lack of access to players, Dermot Crowe worked cleverly around this to give some interesting insights before the final into how Gavin works. Worth a read.


Great article.


Im frothing at the mouth in anticipation, only one more sleep. 2 weeks ago, they done a fantastic celebration of the Limerick hurlers. Will they extend something similar to us?


Won’t let me sign up and I can’t download the app as my phone is too tight on storage. Any chance of copying it into a pm?


Who? What’s on Sunday?


Gas thing is, have a look at Aidan O’Shea’s instagram. He must have 14/15 sponsored car posts up there over the last 4/5 years. Latest one is a very fancy Audi.


He gets a new sponsored car from Connolly Audi in Ballina every year as do a few other Mayo players…more power to them and Dublin and whatever other county players can get it while they are playing…Ireland is full of begruders


Done. It’s a long 'un!


And I agree with them getting cars etc. It was more in disagreement to the comment on Rock’s Subaru above.


Rock doesn’t have a Subaru.


No, he doesn’t. He has much better taste. He’s a Toyota man.


Ok, which one of you messers was down in Kerry?




Super article by Roy Curtis on the Indo site. Makes bits of the naysayers. Can’t link on the phone. Maybe someone else can. Doesn’t hold back!



Maithú Roy!