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People believe what they want to believe , and alan’s article wont change some fuckwiit’s opinion on us.


Yep, it is blind hatred. Great article I suggested to my dub hating Uncle to take his collection of Ewan articles to his clubs next meeting and insist on the issue being brought to the Meath county boards attention and on to Congress.Warned him that he may not like the answer he gets😁


I believe there is a problem to be addressed but that’s a very well constructed article by Alan.


The guy who teaches Brians Howard and Fenton how to jump down at Raheny GAA is on 250k a year.



Don’t even waste the energy Al, some fuckwits don’t even want to listen.



That Mayo thing about mileage is odd. Does taking money away from Dublin make the distance between the capital and Mayo any shorter? Would doubling expenses do the same? Why don’t they train in the midlands somewhere?


Its good to see theyre already picking their league team, fair dues to them.


Kerry manage to keep all their players in Kerry or cork if necessary. Mayo have a huge diaspora and Galway is nt too far. One wonders why the co board are nt able to do what the kingdom do and look after the players to save all the traveling. Obviously some players choice of work will have them out of the county but for a lot of the panel they could be accommodated closer to home I m sure.


Well it changed mine




Oh let it bleed! :grinning:
I see they’re persisting with Aido for the league, fresh approach and all that.


Fair play to him all the same for taking time out from his career as an RTÉ celeb to do the bit of coaching


I’m just surprised that the mayoblog faithful have not protested over the fact that David Clarke or AOS are in the running for All Stars.


Unfair lads and after yer win last Sunday there were plenty of well done Dublin posts on that blog. Someone picks one daft post and paints everyone over there as clowns. Perception is a powerful agent.


Is that all ? Imagine if they a one guy each they would be twice as gooder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We are only mocking the headbangers On that blog. Don’t take offence!


said this before - kerry had all their dublin players training collectively in the 70s and 80s with only the occasional visit to meet o’dwyer in kerry.

there is abbotstown - the finest facility in the state - where the dublin based players can get together.

Isnt that what Monaghan was doing? How did that work out for them…

as for kerry getting their players in jobs or 3rd level courses which are handy for training - it is EXACTLY what our detractors say we are doing (we’re not, I’m sure the A&E Department where McCaffery is working at would be a great example) and yet not onlny do people not mind kerry doing it, they are actually lauded for it.

they dont want to know, anything that confliocts with their prejudice is ignored or badly explained away.


We better hope they don’t return the favour…


they have but in an all ireland headbanger championship their bench is very impressive. some of those lads have been headbanging for decades, they know all the skills of headbanging and TBF they bring them to the table.