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Maybe… but it stuck in my head. Cant even watch that match back. Ever.


Same here. His goal and celebration and Donaghy swaggering on with the water bottles is in my minds eye every time I feel even slightly overconfident about a game. And then I also see Denis stomping on the bollix’s foot! :grinning: I actually think that moment was the start of the revolution


Ok, ok so it’s not the Indo.

Even more reason to hate Kerry.


Ya gotta love all this “not the right moment” stuff. They are all haggling for the best deal, any of those three will still end up accepting it.


McGuinness reckons he’ll get a soccer club to take him on as manager? He might bluff his way into some club in Qatar or something but thats about it. Even Galway United laughed him off


But sure the Intercounty managers don’t get paid :wink:


Donaghy has his say…


When fookin’ doesn’t he? :roll_eyes:

Oh you mean the article. Never mind.


Expect him to be added to the indo panel. The new bomber


Dessie Dolan tweeting out the view of the pitch from the press box. Please, please, please Sweet Babby Jesus and the 7 Snot Nosed Virgins Of Inchicore PLEASE let him & Marty not be doing the TV commentary. :roll_eyes:


Ger Canning and Dessie Commentating for the TV :face_vomiting:


I hope they can manfully hide their disappointment if things go our way.


Ah bollocks. Presume Daragh Maloney is relegated to the wireless? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Can some kind & benevolent soul sync up his radio commentary to the telly broadcast & throw it up on You Tube? Can’t remember who did it previously, but it was a Godsend.


Yep. O’Hara and Cora Staunton on commentary with him


Couple of Ahhhhhh Nooooooo moments for them would be nice




The best thing about that article is the Dublin Fire Brigade video at the bottom of it, very simple but well put together.


Bravo Alan Brogan, bravo…

(But Jesus, kicking the wife oura the gaff for 3 days before a final… seriously?)


The wife kicks me out of the house for a bit of a rest.

For 3 days after the final.


To be fair to Alan , thats probably his finest column to date .Finally abit of insight on how things work , to a degree .