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What Tyrone must do to beat Dublin. Even when Tyrone applied absolute dirt against his county Mr. 'I came up with the name Super 8’s" dickie Clerkin still has the love to write this article. Yawn. We have heard it all be fore Dick.

Lads I know we don’t like this into shit. its a quite morning in the office. Dont click if ya don’t want ta.


Let me TL:DR the article for those who don’t want to click.

Three things to do:

  • Get Better Forwards.
  • Get a better midfield.
  • Man Mark CK.

(Optional fourth thing):

  • Hope Dublin don’t have any kind of plan for the game at all.

(OK Fine then, a fifth).

  • Ask Pope for a favour from his boss.


You forgot the 4th option.



Oddly, that wasn’t actually in the article.

Probably omitted in case Dublin get the idea to push up on the highly suspect Tyrone kickout. Can’t be given them Dubs any pointers.

The all-winning bowsies.


Option 4(b)



Or in the case of Fenton. - Venerable under a high ball.


Oh who cares what Terry Venables thinks? :crazy_face:


He has a fan club of exactly one. It’s small, but devoted.

PS. This thread confirms that I have developed a bad case of The Giddies. Sunday can’t come quick enough.


El Tel did however utter my favourite ever (non Dub related) sports quote of all time - on Glenn Hoddle finding God.

“It must have been one hell of a pass.”

So he gets douze puhwah on that at least.


Well we kind of are … but they don’t appear to have anyone to exploit that …


IN PROTEST at it not been included and the week thats in it.


Ssshhhh you…


I’m still pissed you can’t buy the Colm Meaney T-Shirt yet.


Ill get it sorted. I am setting something up with Tayto. Just fecking maxed out all the time doing ■■■■ all. Its a hard slog Jaden.


It could be worse, we could be looking forward to Playing Kerry in the quarters in 09 again…


I try not to think about that. Im still very very very emotional at the ginger minger air thumping the hill.


I don’t blame him, he was unstoppable that day.

But I have long held in my heart an unshakable grudge against the many Kerry Fans who oft offered us false platitudes when they beat us. The whole smiling “Yerra, ah schure, twas a good game, next time yer bound to win”.

They ain’t smiling now. But I’m sure they are looking forward to Wintering Well with their Seniors, eager to have a run at Munster(!) and maybe even, who knows, qualify out of the Super 8s? Ah sure, they can dream.


In fairness ‘Next tine you are bound to win’ was right🤣


If all these experts know how to beat the Dubs, why are they not being hunted down by Co Boards to manage their Senior Football Team…


I’d love if that were true but I think it was aimed more at the press-box and in general at his critics who were writing him off before that game, with a context of an off-field incident where he got into trouble for going for a drink with a teamate.