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The quality of his article is brutal. He rambles from one reference to another, randomly throwing in irrelevant figures to make it sound like he’s done his research.
‘Na Fianna talking of going out of existence’ he says. Assuming he’s talking about the Metro debate, he should probably mention that. Seeing as the club was fighting to preserve it’s existence.
It’s also hard to figure out if he thinks Dublin are too good for the sake of the game, or Dublin are about to be found out because of a perceived lack of underage success.
The indo is some rag to actually pay this bloke.


The real irony is the only gig he seems to get is writing about the Dubs.


They will keep paying him because people keep clicking on the articles regardless of the quality of the articles.

Only way to stop him is to ignore the Indo.


Wonder did he know about 4 Kildare players who gave up work to concentrate fully playing for them .


Wonder did he know about 4 Kildare players who gave up work to concentrate fully playing for them .

That wouldn’t fit in with his anti Dublin professional, financial doping narrative.




Eweman Stains?


Kildare went full time under Geezer, they lost there way but after a few bailouts and increased sponsorship they are back.


Where are they getting the cash? Brady’s Family Ham are hardly pumping that much in.
Geezer don’t come cheap.
Maybe Spewin should do an investigative piece into it.


#dognonce :joy::joy::joy:

Lot of crazy stuff floating around social medja with that #tag. Now I’m wondering are all the pugs floating around for Ewan or other people. If he logs on here he’ll sue the lot of us.

On a side note he is actually complaining that dublin don’t have much fundraising outside of sponsorship deals. It’s crazy if we had rich horse racing benefactors we would have been able to get Mick odwyer or Kieran mcgeeney.


Sue us for what though? We just love pugs here.


The horsey people have been very generous to Kildare GAA.





Not that much anymore, the normal horsey guy is but the money men are now all 2nd and 3rd generation private school boys. Practical all D4 heads


Nice little piece from A.B.


Thought Alan started off his writing career a bit ropey but find him good now


Have to say I miss Keith Barr. Reading Paul Curran’s efforts is like spending four hours licking stamps.


@alanoc ???



"Who needs laughing gas when you can read Jimmy… " :slightly_smiling_face: