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Interesting stat from Colm keys in indo today.
Limerick around 2006 had only 8% of primary kids involved in playing GAA sports, after then starting 5 year plan, this jumped to 57% in 2011…now paying dividends.


They were the only county in my nine years on CCC2 that were in contact with us to ask us what we were doing and to get some advice. On the contrary we had clubs from Meath, Wicklow and Kildare trying to enter our under age club competitions because their set ups were cat. Well done Limerick.


Yeah I remember asking JC years ago did anyone contact them re plan and he said only Limerick.


The JC reference is good…McManus has invested millions behind the scenes. Split Limerick I say!


100% true. Funding for GPO’s gets kids in the doors of clubs but as far as i can see the organisation of games by CCC1 in Dublin is the main reason behind the success. The number of fixtures and league run is just staggering. A lot of Leinster counties have no underage activity until after Paddy’s Day whereas most comps in Dublin well up and running.

Gaa in Limerick getting it together schools rugby is their biggest threat though.


Pugman has a new “article” up about us I see. Headline is “Cracks are appearing in Dublin GAA model: Time to ask if their house really is in order”



Dublin are dominating because they have so much money…now Dublin aren’t doing enough with all that money as there’s a broken goalpost in Tallaght and nobody goes to see the Dubs.


Hateful little bollix.




Anyone know the name of the economics he’s talking about…




Can’t understand why Piller would give pug-reach-around any time. Good to see John Leonard pull him up on it. Still expect another article in the week of the all Ireland. And also spare a thought for pugs. Alone in brazil with nothing else to do.


His obsession with Dublin is downright weird.


And pugs.


The Pug Whisperer!




voodoo economics?:cowboy_hat_face:


Captain Pugwash!


Oddly enough I have a picture of what he does in his spare time but the site won’t let me upload it as it’s too big :frowning:


This is how bad he is , got called out on the kildare forum for saying 2 lads on the kildare squad were on the lash the night before they played galway , got the hump and said he is taking a break from the site.


Taking a break? No just Pugs to be played with. Evil laugh.