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Billy Keane, what a bellend. Kerry wit and insight indeed.


If someone told me they thought Billy Keane had a wit, I would say they were half-right.


Having come across his stuff every so often (and not just stuff about the GAA), I must confess myself confused. Why does he have a column? Has he any particular achievements or qualifications? He just comes across as a barstool bore shiteing on about whatever event catches his fancy this week.


Because he is from Kerry who writes for the Kerry man who is owned by the Kerry infested indo.

Same way bomber gets a gig. Each week a young intern will ring da bomber - hi eoin just want to get your insights for this week’s piece… No problems, I’m just on the 9th here so kind of busy. Just the usual please. I ‘fear’ and mention Kerry every 8 words.


I’m sure somebody thinks it quaint to publish the ramblings of a yank tourist schmoozing Quiet Man-esque gombeen.


His father , John B Keane had a column in the Indo which was decent enough as the man had something to say. Billy must have inherited it like some noble in England inherits daddy’s title. He has nothing to say and generally says it poorly.


Didn’t click it , summary ?


The only person to write for Independent (What a laugh Denis!) Newspapers that isn’t either openly biased or just stupid, is Gene Kerrigan. I wonder for how long can he hold out!


Surprised they have let him pen any article.


For years he has been the only desenting voice there.



Not hungry any more then??


Stop! Just stop it, please!! :joy::joy::joy:


Make me


Speaking of cranky fcukers…

This is great news.

He has done a woeful job with the Kuree U21’s over the past 3 yrs apparently. :rofl:


About to post that oul cranky features is back.


It’ll be great to see him back patrolling the sidelines in the Kerry colours again.



To.the extent they are putting minors right into the senior squad. Come on back, Jack, so we can give you another beating.


Only since this year. Eamon didn’t even know what an U21 or a Minor looked like until March.


Yes but shows a lack in the under 21/20 area