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Do that. Have a discussion about resources particularly Kerrys. He really is an irritating fecker.


Article in that edition about Rochford/Mayo coach etc. I’ve said it a few times here, once the musical chairs and courting rituals have all been done, Guru Jim will float down from his higher plane, miraculously finding some time alongside and on the summer break from his glittering pro sport career, to try to bring the chosen people to the promised land.

Meanwhile we are left to take this last chance at glory by merely parting the Red Sea.


That is one huge crock of shyte.

Meandering waffle, dressed up as romantic prose.
Devoid of insight, sprinkled with condescending yerra, and reeking of sour grapes.

A call to arms from a man who’s own county once petitioned the GAA to be allowed a bye to the Munster final, as they were getting bored whipping hurling counties at the big ball.


Been in the pub 3 or 4 times. He’s never been there when I went in. Lucky for him. :wink:


Laughing at this part. Free takers didn’t have these issues shooting into the hill when we were getting beat.

There was an incident in and around the hour mark on Saturday, when The Hill may have served their own eviction notice. Galway were eight points down. A free for Galway from the excellent referee Barry Cassidy. The Hill whistles and boos.

This is the exact opposite to Thomond Park. The Galway player is shaken. He loses concentration. The kick is as grounded as a Ryanair flight on a strike day. The Hill, or most of the Hill, cheer the wide as if was the winning goal in an All-Ireland final.

This cannot be allowed to continue. Now if the home venue is all about money, well then let the GAA come on out and say as much. The organisation disgraced itself when Dublin, the best team in the land, the best-resourced team in the land, were given two home games in the ‘Super 8s’ after getting home advantages before that, with two more to come in the semi-final and final.


Ha ha ha…the mask slips.

From the genial, yerra loving, shure aren’t the Brogan’s great lads altogether’, harmless aul divil, to a cunning Kuree stunt, just as bitter as the rest of them.

Long may it continue !


Eviction notice? Where exactly does he think they’ll be sent?


Maybe he should write a stiffly worded letter to…I dunno…someone in authority, somewhere?

Love writing letters down in Kerry so they do, so they do. :scroll::pen::scroll::pen:


I’d say his old man would be embarrassed for him. Maybe he should complain about us to the Healy-Rea lads. I’m sure they could get us evicted from CP. after all they will do anything for de long suffering people of Kerry.


I was there (at least) twice I think and he was there both times. The second time I told him it was a lovely and fitting statue to Barry John Keane around the corner.


You should have gotten your words mixed up… maybe say that you thought Billie Jean Keane was a tennis player who also gets a mention in a Michael Jackson song.


I told him 2013 was a thriller but we wouldn’t be stopping til we get enough at which time he told me to beat it.


Did he say Leave me alone?


He said they don’t care about us


When you went to the visit the bar you should have brought Rock with you.


He told me he used to write a tabloid column when he was the man in the mirror.


A call to arms from a man who’s own county once petitioned the GAA to be allowed a bye to the Munster final, as they were getting bored whipping hurling counties at the big ball.

And got it too! In 1980. Kerry played 3 matches to win the All-Ireland.


That’s just human nature.


Phew, thought Billy goat had disappeared in a puff of Listowel magic shmoke. To the extent that I almost, almost said, I want you back.

He just can’t help himself, and like his peers in the ex-Second Greatest Team of All Time that Kerry are trying to peddle as still as good as this Dublin team, he still believes in the auld Kerry Ingredient known as Yerra propaganda via their multitude of media mafia.

Roll up, roll up, who’s next, has DOSé weighed in yet with a disgruntled roast of begrudged praise, generously garnished with a bitter, dark, lumpy gravy?


Shocking enough, Daragh’s most recent column was all about Galway. Fcuk all about us or Kerry. I know, I was amazed too. :rofl: