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I had this discussion with people in Westport back in July.
They weren’t overly critical of Roachford but the common theme was that he needs to give more of the U21s from 2016 & 2017 more game time.


I shudder to think of the reaction in Dublin if we lost as many finals as you have, there would be civil unrest.


This could be a tragedy for Mayo. McGuinness needs to be centre of attention and I don’t think some of the Mayo players would have that. He will take the big bucks but no responsibility if things go wrong. I think mayo do need a change I think they can only loose if he gets it.


Literally no chance Jimmy would even want that job.

He’s spent years at Celtic and out in China getting his Soccer Credentials in order. He’s not throwing that way to try to drag Mayo over the line.

This is just an attempt by Mayo CB to unseat Rochford. Fairly shitty approach if you ask me.


Didn’t the chairman recently say that Rochford needs to introduce youth into the side, thought that was fairly odd myself. Makes sense now if they’re trying to shift him on.

Not sure Mayo have the players now to beat Dublin. Missed their chance I feel.


The chairman is brother of one of the mangers ousted. Maybe he is getting a dig at Mayo players?


True. If that carry-on starts it’ll be bad news for Mayo.


Don’t think chairman should be airing views public.


When we here the old “The Manager has our full backing” you know he’s gone…


The players’ cabal (:wink::wink:) are now being hoisted by their own petard. Mayo need a new manager- but not that prick from Donegal. Nobody from Ulster in fact.


And I think a lot of Dublin fans forget that…the bandwagon ones anyway. I seem to remember Tommy Lyons getting horrid abuse and one unsavory incident when he was walking off the pitch.

Easy to support when your winning…I do think all these final defeats have left a physiological scar on us.


Didn’t page of tomorrow’s Mayo news confirms Rochford is staying…interesting to see what back room team he brings in now.


Newstalk confirmed Rochford staying on.


What is McGuinness working as at the moment bar the sky gig. He strikes me as a touch of the Jose Mourinho school of look at me mangment.

Outside managers haven’t really worked in Mayo bar Mickey Moran beating us in '06. Doubt McGuinnes style of football with fit with the way mayo teams like to play attacking football.


I’d say Mayo fans would take winning a Sam by 0-01 to 0-00 at this stage


Yeah true but 2-3 years of dour 15 man defensive football while he builds a team I think would send most mayo supporters overboard. Think he could get away with it in Donegal as they were piss poor before he took over and they always played a handing passing style game.

Anyway the boys want King Rochford so he may have to cast the net wide for a backroom team let’s say Aido, Seamey, Cillian and Andy just to make it official.


Mayo need 2 or 3 more forwards- not 15 backs.


Agree 100%.


Eh? They attacked in waves in the last 10 and hit the post with a goal chance. The KOTF meanwhile withdrew into massed ranks of defence more or less. They won because Donegal couldn’t get a goal.


Big-city bouncers bar way to Harte’s delight

Am down in listowel in nov , going to drop in that troll’s
pub when i am down there