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I knew a lad who was a sports sub-editor in the IT then they had a round of redundancies and he was asked to sub-edit everything from court reports to gardening. He took the next redundancy offer going and now they allegedly have a bunch of interns doing it. Paper of Record!


The fact that they are giving billy the barman a gig in the indo says it all , his attempts at providing pieces are genuinely funny , soooo bad they are good to read.


Aghhhhhh! It’s like the devil marrying the axis of evil


Mayo are not as keen on Jim McGuinness as Jim McGuinness is.


There would be a lot of egos in that dressing room …Something would have to give I reckon.


Interesting. Word in the street here is Rochford wants to stay on but board not keen on him. I reckon this Jim McGuinness story has been floated out on purpose. Rochford due to meet the board this week.

Back room has stepped down and he needs to find a new one if he is to stay on.

McGuinness would Get people excited but I would be weary…I wouldn’t like to see us play that ultra defensive muck


Are there any other candidates been suggested?


No but everyone believes Rochford wants to stay on and he has 2 years left on contract so my money is on him staying. If he does he needs to stratvblooding new players


It seems he is being undermined then … not a good scenario for him …


If he’s not wanted, he should walk. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on regarding his record and that is what he should be judged on imo. No silverware in 3 years, getting bate by Galway every year, very haphazard performances in the qualifiers, needing last minute miracles in game 7 every year, just to stay up in Div 1, bringing very few young players through. The list goes on.

Whatever about not being able to beat Dublin in September, his track record even before he’s gotten to play Dublin, has been haphazard at best. I’m amazed there is so little appetite to send him on his way. He seems a nice enough, easy going fella that everyone gets on well with. Maybe he benefits from that and the lack of appetite for another putsch, given how nasty the Holmes and Connelly saga got. But still, not a sniff of any silverware in 3 years is just not good enough for a manager with Mayo’s asperations.


All very solid points. Just one more thing though, he’s there because a cohort of players got rid of the residents, and presumably ratified the new apointment on some level. Not much come-back from that. Either they stick with Rochford or the MCB brings in a man who will cull all the insurgents.


Hard to disagree…close in finals but no cigar…I think too many of our fans are very forgiving of players and managers. Maybe we need a ruthless outlook like he animals in Kerry


Has always amazed me , that point . But maybe its a good way to approach it . Just on how to deal with the losses .
Only issue is , nothing changes if you don’t question things . And i think that has been a major issue for Mayo over the years .


Well Mayo people are very loyal to the team and I’ll admit we don’t take criticism from outside well.

It’s for the most part a very positive outlook even when loosing finals people seem to be able put it behind and move on.

I think there are a few players that need competition. No player should have a secure place in the team and be guaranteed his spot. Competition is healthy and that’s something Dublin have in abundance.


Is McGuinness a one trick pony? When Kerry played them at their own game in 2014 he didn’t have the answers. His stock should have dropped now that he couldn’t a kerry team managed by Eamon Fitz :joy::joy:


Still if the donegal keeper didn’t kick it straight to long legs who knows what might have happened.


I agree with you 100% on this.

I believe that if a player is a guaranteed starter, he will not put in his very best & may lose some of his competitive edge.

I think it’s one of the main reasons behind Dublin’s success.


and kilkenny in the hurling back in the day - plenty of their star players were put out to pasture early enough too so even the guaranteed starters would be on edge.


There was still another 10 minutes to go and Donegal never pushed up the pitch.


Dublin can do it because there is very little difference in the quality of players overall . Do mayo have strength in depth , the mayoblog contributors who are familiar with club football there are not unanimous in their views about this. Pressure was on rochfort from the moment he got the job so he stuck with what was there. If any of the u21 winners were good enough to make a difference he would surely have thrown them in.