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I presume anyone who plays in a GAA championship in the States or elsewhere abroad can not come back and play in a county championship here?? Surely that would not be allowed. Goes completely against the ethos of the GAA??


You should get NaF to submit a motion.


Might just do that. Dublin C’ship with just players from Dublin would be great.


Indeed. Having started the tradition it would be suitable for ye to end it.


You know very little about Dublin GAA if you think the tradition was started by NF. But it would be good to end it alright. Give the young lads in the clubs a chance instead of ‘getting lads in’.


Oh great, it’s been at least a day since the last Krystal v Alexis Vins v NaF catfight.



Excellent work PD


Hoping we can get focus back to getting the Marino / Fairview / D3 lads a chance with Dublin :slightly_smiling_face:. That topic from yday didn’t get the attention it deserved!


I’ll just stop the wumming and go back to punning … to make myself Krystal clear …


I heard the mods deliberately pit the Vincent’s and Na Fianna fans against each other to see how they’ll react.


I see everyone’s least favour bucket of shite has penned an article on Eamon Fitz in the innuendo.




Pug life

That’s the fella. Galway last week. Now the kingdom. He is doing a tour.


You can if it’s under the sanctions scheme


It tells you all you need to know that the biggest selling title in the country sees fit to use someone who lives 9,000km away and who has seen a handful of games at best live and any others on an internet connection to comment on the GAA. At best articles are written on rumour, hearsay and twitter gossip. It is in keeping with all the other ill-informed, agenda driven bile that emanates from there.


I thought Na Fianna was an Irish dancing club.


Don’t mention ze Metro


Just browsing the indo as I was waiting for tickets and am really diassapoined by the amount of spelling mistakes and unfinished sentences in the gaa articles. It’s amateurish.

Then to make things worse, for the article on president Higgins not liking betting apps the have a photograph of trump.

I knew people who worked there back in the day as sub editors and they would be ashamed at the standards there now, the sort of thing a student paper or a blog would do.

But all the subs were sacked and the work outsourced worldwide if done at all, and you have people providing columns for €170 and expected to edit them themselves (source:bitter on twitter) so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.


Race to the bottom.


Yes. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. People won’t buy newspapers because they want online content, so we sack people who provide great content but at a price. Now we have cheap content that nobody will read online, so we cut back more and more and now,it’s cheap content that looks cheap too.

Maybe if they invested a bit they may get more readers.

And the print edition is the same. I got fed up tweeting journalists asking then what the end of their last sentence or paragraph was when it would be abruptly cut off. Think they were too.