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Spewan is being utterly hypocritical and selective. Yet again. He never called out Mayo for doing exactly what Galway are doing. It just so happens Galway we’re the team to drop the guillotine this season, and I’ve no doubt there’s a big hangover still from when they destroyed the Cinderella dream in 01, and especially 98. Two results that I must say left me immensely satisfied at the time, despite it being a bad era for us.

Galway aren’t very attractive to watch currently but they are only doing pretty much what we did in 2010


I remember when we were in Salthill back in March and a few Galway lads in front of us took umbrage at some of our cynical play towards the end. I just laughed at them and explained that they might want to look a bit closer to home for a comparison…


Nobody sees the dirt in their own team…including some here :wink:

No problem withbgalway employing the dark arts as all top teams do now. Was it any different in the last?

Sill Lyanne a former Galway hurler and all Ireland winner said once that you need a few tinkers in your team to win an all Ireland…

Kerry have been employing dark arts for decades but are up on a pedastal


He is all upset about how they have been doing this all year.

Hold on, I’ll just check all his reports about those previous matches where I’m sure he spotted and condemned it…


Either he watched and never noticed, or noticed and was OK about it till it happened to Kildare, or never watched Galway till the Kildare match and hurriedly “researched” Google before doing his article. All explanations are indicative of what dunphy would call a “spoofer”


that’s some handle


he can be very off colour at times


This is funny, cause Dublin already play their “home” league games at a neutral venue…work away lads


How many home games are we due to have next year? We had 4 home games this year, didn’t we - Kerry, Kildare, Donegal & Monaghan ?


More filler from Marty B. The man has no shame


10 counties. It mentions Armagh, Dublin and Wexford. That’s 3. Also in keeping with Indo tradition, they post a photo of Dublin players to accompany the negative headline. Why not a photo from one of the other 9 alleged perpetrators of these heinous allegations?


The funny thing is that the France thing wasn’t a training camp at all as a number of the panel were not brought on the trip.


I heard Jim did nt invite some of the panel just to see how they would react.




BOOM…back of the net ! :rofl:


Thing was I was going for a point.


A disgraceful article and literally a rewrite of the same article on the same subject he has put up at least twice already this year. In fact, it may literally be a copy and paste.

Apparently “extended getaways” something to be “admitted to” which suggests that there is rule breaking going on, of which he presents no evidence whatsoever.

He also has no evidence that there was training going on, but hints like mad that there was.

The gaa media. Jokeshop.


D[quote=“Wasonthehill83, post:4135, topic:27, full:true”]
I heard Jim did nt invite some of the panel just to see how they would react.

Yep. Wasn’t too happy with the reaction either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Touché and expect to see an exodus of Dublin senior footballers to Boston😄


And other parts of the US :wink: