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I remember an article in the sindo the week after the 92 Leinster final. Mick Doyle the former rugby coach ( a Kerry man exiled in Kildare) wrote it. He was particularly incensed by the melee which occurred after about 10 mins . He crucified Dublin essentially saying that they were thugs who prevented Kildare from playing their beautiful football under Micko. Melee were particularly memorable for Tom Harris (Kildare no 11) backing away from Keith Barr . These type of articles have been penned for years, always a few bellyachers around. Kildare learned their lesson and gradually toughened up.


They just need to work on the mental fatigue now …


ah those must ahve the the days when bitter was scared to go to croke park and face the dublin fans. he tweeted about that recently when giving out about dublin flags in the homes of dublin people living in kildare and supported their being taken down.


‘Tom Harris backed away’. Are you kidding?? I can vividly remember Tom Harris breaking away from the melee and being chased at full pace by Keith Barr :grinning:


Was on the hill that day. Barr was swinging like Mike Tyson. Harris did a burner sharpish. Have a feeling Kildare started well, but it was no surprise that when a row kicked off we were fully intent on softening their cough. And that’s exactly what happened. Think Barr got a smashing goal that day too.
Always remember in the lead up to that game their was an interview with the bould Keith in the Sindo I think. The Barcelona Olympics were on the horizon also. So the interviewer says to Barr that Micko has “Kildare flying. They are hopping off the ground…fit as fcuk”. Jaysus says Keith, if they are that fit maybe they’d be better off going to Barcelona! Tom Harris was last sighted heading in that direction anyway😁


I was being kind to poor Tom who was the colour of his jersey. Never lived it down apparently, his county men liked to remind him of it.


Now don’t give out to me…but there was a lad on that team called Anthony Rainbow. Just saying!


They also had a player called bill sex in that team …


And there was Spike Nolan though he made headlines for wrong reasons :wink:


They were a dirty team really just not in the usual gaa sense …


Actually worked with the girl that married Bill to become Mrs Sex!!


Jaysus wha? Is all that can be said to that bar the many jokes waiting to be made.


Once they got married she got Sex - he didn’t.


I’ve met Mr. Rainbow a few times. Sound fella. For a flourbag.


Sounds like it’s a proper coalition you’ve got there…


For a rainbow he wore ■■■■ all colour. That’s the problem with white. Plain as ■■■■.


Besides the fact that the article is written by that prat and is more a rant than journalism does anyone think he has a point ?

I don’t get too many games live but was at league final this year and Galway’s off the ball tactics were exactly as he describes … I do believe it’s a tactic

If I recall there were quite a few comments on it after the league game here


He does. Galway are dirt.


Pure 100% dirt. They really socked it to both Mayo & Kerry in the dirt stakes during the league & the howls of outrage from the pair of them were hysterical. :joy:


Galway are lovely mammies boys from West of the Shannon. That’s the national narrative. They’re not a nasty northern team, nor do they profit from the financial and population benefits that the dubs do.

I admire Spewans crusade on this one, despite him being the bellend he is. Unfortunately in the minds of the masses, the boys from Gailimh are doing god’s work in trying to stop the machine that is the dubs.