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theres a bit of Damo Dempsey in that last sentence


and a bigger pair of balls


Accordingly to the nut from bazil’s alias on the kildsre forum , senan connell has been sounded out by the kildare county board for the manager’s job , and no , i am not making thst up .


Someone has fed him that simply to wind him up knowing how he would react. Unbelievable scones, Jeff!


I touched cloth laughing at that. No more Huddle’s in the centre just a circle of nodding heads…yer right senan, yer right!


Good man JJF! On the button there.


From the article, quoted as coming from the Mayo County Chairman:“There’s a lot of rumours that Donie Buckley isn’t going to be there and maybe Peter Burke (too). We haven’t been told this but I presume that if that is happening, that (Stephen’s) talking to whoever is remaining in his backroom and planning for next year.”

What kind of cowboy set up is there in mayo that the county board chairman is running his own gossip column in a national paper?


They don’t run as tight a ship as the Ladies. Errr … no … forget that …


So we had the weird and wonderful theories yesterday of how Jim Gavin, is threatening the mental health of some of the players by dropping them for no reason without Jim being a qualified psychologist… not monitoring them after his acts of cruelty… How some senior members of the panel had approached Jim or someone else about this (but we weren’t sure how this was progressing) …

And there I am today listening to the Hill16 Podcast with Kevin Nolan (great interview by the way) and Kevin talks about how in 2010 he is sitting in DCU one evening and his phone rings, It’s Pat Gilroy (A Vincent’s man but not a qualified psychologist as far as I know) … and Kevin says if Pat is ringing at this hour it only means one thing… He’s either “in or out of the squad” … Kevin takes the call and Pat tells him there are 3 challenge games being organised and these would be the basis to decide if Kevin was to cement his starting place or be dropped from the panel.

First game up they go down to Westmeath, Kevin says he’s working his hole off trying to impress… halftime comes and Gilroy hooks him … Kevin is p1ssed off and upset … feels his chance is gone … after the game Mickey Whelan comes over to him and puts his arm around him and says “that’s the best you’ve played for 4 years” …. Talk about mixed messages and messing with a man’s head! … What was Kevin to think …. How closely would he be monitored over the coming days and hours (they say the following 48 hours post ‘dropping’ are critical!) …

Did Pat or Mickey not stop for a moment to think of the psychological effects of these mixed messages… Anyway as was suspected, Bully boy Jim isn’t the first or last manager to do what he is doing… I look forward to reading the results of the internal inquiry about this from the resident member of the Marino Mafia.

And funnily enough in another post I’m just about to do about Jim Gavin in another thread… Gavin reveals his all time hero is psychologist, humanist and philosopher Abraham Maslow (I am not joking!).

Keep doing what you’re doing Jim! :wink:


If I could thank this post 1000 times I would.


Poor old Kildare! Ewan must able to watch all of the ball tactics by Galway in Brazil. No mention of Comer been fouled all game or Eamonn Callaghan nasty challenge on Cathal Sweeney or David Slattery punching the head off Adrian Varley after the final whistle. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


What an epic meltdown , nice to see another county getting under his skin .


How can he comment on game when he not even at it?Indo must be badly stuck if publishing this rubbish


Wait a minute.

Galway are the nastiest, most spiteful team around? Galway? And not us?

Oh come on.

Has someone hacked his account?


Its an extraordinary article tbh & i hope to ■■■■ there is some response to it by the Galway CB.


Thought the same myself for a minute .
He must have thought Kildare actually had a chance of making a semi to come out with such a scathing article after losing .


It’s a free world and all that but can’t believe you’ve posted link on this site to article by that p****! Wouldn’t click on anything written by that worthless piece of…!


Ye don’t know the half of it…no wonder the players kicked up a fuss a few years ago. Our board has always been inept


He also spoke in the interview about how Gilroy brought him back into the panel, and that Gilroy told him his performance in the three challenge games would be the difference between him making the starting 15 (not just the panel) or being dropped.
He said Gilroy believed that the Culture & Values of the Team needed to be changed and that change happened very quickly, and everyone bought into it.
In relation to Mickey Whelans chat at the W’meath game, he took it as a huge positive, and it gave him a better insight into Gilroy’s thinking, which helped him a lot. It was basically that you ‘keep your head down’ and get the job done. He was also told by Gilroy and those around him that he was the type of player that Gilroy wanted in the panel and that everyone understood that they each had a specific job to do, and wanted to do it.

If you look at the current set up under Gavin, IMO the exact same methodology is being used that Gilroy used and has brought us the success we see now.


tis hilarious, really.

heck of a co-incicdence that The Portloaise Prat was having a go at players cheating and getting their opposite numbers carded this week. This coming from a man who regularly called - actually cried out - for opposition players to foul dublin players off the ball to stop them being in the right position to catch cluxtons kick outs.

surprised that aul bitter cannot remember that under O’Dwyer Kildare were far from angels either.