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I’ve absolutely no issue with you at all :open_mouth:. We had a discussion about something we didn’t agree on. No problem there. Big problem with personal abuse.


I’d be more concerned about the damage caused with glorification of development squads and the clipboard brigade etc.
Guys being dropped off senior football panel should be old enough to take the knocks of a sporting disappontment. Dublin have an A, B and C team for training…must be hard enough to get dropped there are so many down.


Development squads are a whole other issue that need a serious look. Moving to U17 was not a good idea imho. One U19 competition to replace U18 and U21 would have been a better way to go.


No surprise Rochford is staying on…backroom is being shaken up though with Buckley and Burke out.

No player should be undropable…a fresh injection of blood is needed. Our bench or lack of one has probably cost us an All Ireland. Introducing and giving younger lads a chance to get that experience is needed


Can’t believe he’s being kept. Has done nothing much to warrant it.


Can’t really understand the persistence with Rochford tbh but get the feeling that the ‘senior’ players may still have a say in this. A clean broom would probably be best for all.

ps Get Cora in!


Hell yeah !

She’s the biggest ego of the lot.

(Allegedly. :wink: )


He done nothing more or less than those before…plenty screaming about Connacht titles alright but when we were winning those for fun everyone said they were no good…sport is a fickle whore


I get what you’re saying but surely it’s sticking in the throats of a lot of people in Mayo that Roscommon and Galway have had bragging rights over you for 3 years now. Mayo were/Still are the second best team in the country imo and should be ruthlessly dispatching all opposition in Connaught


Allegedly a couple of girls from Dublin team were overheard saying , she is a wench of the highest order.:wink:


Oh Jebus.

That means something entirely different in a mid Tyrolean, Tymoany, Tyrone dialect, doesn’t it?

I’m afraid to ask what.


I don’t disagree…Galway are fairly rubbing it in now. Roscommon haven’t beaten us since 2001 and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Be nice to win back the Nestor cup next year.


Don’t be concerned, we’ll put them back in their box, if they get far enough to reach us.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend :wink:


That All-Ireland you normally get in September, my friend


Surely the whole point of dropping these players is to assess their reaction to the situation, so to suggest that they aren’t monitored doesn’t make sense, it’s being done specifically to monitor how they react.


I’m led to believe the new Mayo Manager was taken back by her input into team affairs. He wasnt having it. Fair play to him . Glad they bet Cavan.


No that’s god news Rochford is stayin on , he said he wants to continue on with the success he’s had since takin over the throne in mayo and wants to win even more silverware. the rest of us will just have live off the crumbs, we havent a hope, baaahhhhh