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Oh I’m sure he has reasons. He just doesn’t seem to explain them to the players he’s dropping.


Jesus Alan, you are very quick to take offence on Dermo’s behalf when someone says something about him you don’t like. But it’s perfectly ok to accuse Jim Gavin of deliberately damaging the mental health of his players?


Abuse? Really?

No. Just poor behaviour. And what could I do anyway? All you have to do is look at the replies on here anytime there is any criticism of anyone in the set up. The ends justify the means. Davy Fitz. Jim McGuinness. Ger Loughnane and many more. Once they were successful everything else goes out the window. That’s the GAA we have now.


Someone else began this discussion by suggesting that the actions were cruel but clever. I don’t think it’s clever. And I never suggested it was deliberate. But it is certainly disrespectful and undignified.


Jesus Alan these are grown men , reacting to adversity is character building stuff in all walks of life.


Fine. We’ll agree to disagree.


Yeah absolutely… this is your chance to be the saviour. You could rid the city of bullies like Jim Gavin.

Have you tried approaching Jim to discuss his poor behaviour with him?


Some senior members of the panel have. I’m not sure how far they have gotten or are getting.


You haven’t a clue what goes on between Jim and the players. You go on as if you were in the room for every discussion Jim ever had with Dermo.

I shared what Scully and Carthy said and even then all I got was their side of it.

Seriously Alan, your hate for Jim will chew you up and spit you out!


I’m not sure why you keep bringing Connolly into it. I am not referring to that situation at all.


You are a HYPOCRITE of the highest order. Losing your mind and abusing people when they dared to talk about stuff they’d heard about Dermo and now here you are openly suggesting that Jim Gavin is a bully and is purposely affecting peoples mental health and that senior members of the panel have reported him for it.


Reported him? No. Didn’t say that. Said they spoke to him. Didn’t say he was a bully. Didn’t say he was doing anything on purpose. End of conversation. Not discussing anything with someone who tries to misrepresent what was said.


Don’t engage with my posts in future and we’ll both be happier.



See above.


I blame the Indo for all of this… well, almost all.


Yes from the bench. Lads like Adam Gallagher, Evan Regan and Conor Loftus need 3/4 games in league to develop, not the first player to subbed/dropped when things are going wrong. When Meath scored 5 goals against us in 2010 Gilroy kept faith with Fitz, ROC and Philly. 12 months later that was FB line that finished against Kerry in AI final.


And they still won :hushed:


What a bazar conversation. I should have had a psychologist and a layer on retainers to deal with all the times I was dropped by managers without an explanation. Hardly headline news that a players are unhappy with being dropped, but I suppose its an excuse for the Gavin haters in the media to moan & try cause disruption.


Not in the media, the biggest hater is right here on this forum.

He also doesn’t like Sherlock for some reason and made some wild claims about him too but I missed that.


don’t think he is fond of me either, he must suffer from that (ASMS) anti small man syndrome. :grinning: