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Yeah I was surprised aswell.


Everyone got their chance in 2009 but Gilroy probably felt he needed to put his own mark on team. So he got rid of Whelo, Jayo, Ryan and benched Keaney and Connolly. Deadwood wrong word for the 3 legends dropped. Pillar was a bit predictable with teams and subs. Gilroy went his own crew/style of football which paid off.


I meant name the Mayo deadwood!


Donal Vaughan
Barry Moran(retired this week)
Ger Cafferkey
Seamus O’Shea
Aidan O’Shea

Keith Higgins past best but still option as sub.


Do you still think Andy has a role?


It’s not that they have alot of Deadwood per se.

What they do have is a Quorum of players who think that they can’t be dropped. As the manager seemingly buys into this, it becomes a fact. Mayo have plenty of players (from a couple of clubs) who fall into this category.

I’m not saying that the starting 15 would be very different if this attitude was corrected, but a player who knows they won’t be dropped, regardless of form - is a liability. If you ain’t fighting tooth and nail for your Jersey, you ain’t gonna fight tooth and nail while wearing it.

Rochford has been in charge for 3 years, and not a single title to show for it. “Nearly there” seems to satisfy his followers. Unless something changes, this trend will continue.

That, and his baffling tactic of bringing on players with seconds of time remaining. I have a crease in me skull from the head-scratching on that one.


I think giller wanted whealo to stay but not in midfield more FF. Whealo didn’t want to do he opted out.


Cruel? Yes. I don’t think it’s clever.


Pity Whelo didn’t stay on. Would have won his AI in 2010 I believe.


I would certainly drop ■■■ for the reasons above. AOS too.


The independent yesterday went with a picture of Kerry gaa that covered two thirds of its front page and another for good measure covering all of its back page, something you would expect had they won the all Ireland. Then again a late draw against Monaghan is possibly akin to winning an all Ireland in Kerry in these times. For those who have vested all hope in them being the force to stop Dublins march, it’s important to trumpet any semblance of victory, even when none exists.


I’d drop the Brother Seamie before either. Guy is out of puff after 20 minutes in almost every game.

As I said, it’s not about dropping players primarily. It’s about instilling the notion that no-one is undroppable. The complacency that this notion creates is the difference between Dublin and Mayo’s fortunes. There is not a single player on the Dublin panel who thinks that the jersey he has is theirs to keep.

There is zero room for consensus when it comes to the teamsheet. Players play, managers manage. Ruthlessness on the pitch, ruthlessness on the sidelines.


Can they afford to drop players is the question .
Who is there that is better than they have ATM.


It’s called psychology.

You just have the hump with everything Jim does because of how you think he treated Dermo.


This is all part of the rehabilitation of Kerry GAA and the hope that somehow they can pull out all the stops and win this AI. Then the usual suspects in the indo / Kerry media group will nod their heads., Wax lyrical about order has been restored and yerra isn’t it great. Them money boys from the capital got their commuppance.


Considering the well documented mental health issues a number of GAA players have talked about experiencing in the past decade then I would suggest that it’s not something an unqualified person should be practicing. Serious damage can be done.


And that’s your unqualified opinion of not knowing what exactly happens in the Dublin set up.

Considering we have life coaches, stats men, analysts, nutritionists and god knows what else within the Dublin set up … I’m fairly sure a trained professional is leading the way on the psychology front too.

But I admire your attempt to have a go at Jim again anyway.


You have stated yourself how players are dropped without reason. That is true. And I have seen the effect that that has had on some players and heard about the effect it has had on others. With no psychologist around to help them. I have a qualification in adolescent psychology and I would be stunned if anyone with psychological training would suggest, never mind support, the dropping of a player with no explanation and no monitoring of how that player was getting on.


Jim Gavin. The only manager who ever dropped players for no reason.

You are becoming a comic figure here Alan.


Well then this is clearly abuse. Are you going to sit around and do nothing about it?