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Alan this is one of Brehenys unsupported puff pieces of page filler that he churns out every year.

Condensing the fixture list is to the advantage of county teams, as the club championships no longer have their showpeice on St Patricks day and county panels will have full access to players from the start of the season.


Ok Alan, out with it.

You went for the Dublin job when gilroy left, didn’t you?




Bit fxxking late for that but I applaud them if they do go in that direction.


Just a pity about 14, we’d be goin for 6 this year, and by Jaysus would that upset a lot of Kerry folk


Bunch of hypocrites. There is no way they’ll reign in the likes of Brolly or Spillane, not now, when they’ve been doing their thing for decades. As much as they annoy us, they are ratings gold for RTE. They won’t want to shake up a winning formula. This is PR spin, plain & simple.

Glad they’re bringing in younger pundits too. They badly need them on match commentary also. The likes of Brian Carty, Ger Canning & Martin Carney are way, way past their sell by date.


Mc Bennett is a new broom here … could get interesting …


Was reading canavans thing yesterday. In an otherwise vapid piece he had a line how many people do not like Jim Gavin’s style of management. Leaving aside the peters a Vincent’s man jokes, what was he on about?


Was wondering that to. His line that a lot people don’t like how Gavin goes about his business… Who be that now? OTB? Cabbage?


I think they were referring to Alan O …


Had a look at the Indo today, Sinead Kissane and her Kerry bus from Dublin, i see the entire season ticket holder brigade from kerry got the one bus all 37 of them to head to Clones.


Have a feeling he might have picked that up off Kevin Nolan’s podcast .Now , kevin didn’t say anything out of order at all but if you want to read between the lines of it you could take a bit where Gavin is ruthless when picking the panel , letting lads leave the panel . Its worth a listen , Kevin came across very well on it & had high praise for Jim.


Was he not referring to Jim Gavin’s lack of emotion on the sideline and how some people don’t appreciate it? Or was that a different article?


I got the impression it was “manager/player” from how I read it


Fuckit Jim should just make “emotion” part of the process. We could have a mass hysterics for one minute in each game. Get the crowd in on it too


I mentioned last year that Scully and Shane Carthy were in our workplace doing a Q&A session before xmas.

They specifically mentioned this, that Jim would drop a fella for no other reason but to see how he reacts. If he sulks and spits the dummy or if he came out fighting with a point to prove. The logic seemed to be that if the chips were down and the team or that player were up against it, would they throw the towel in or dig deep to fight their way out of it.

Slightly cruel but quite clever too.


Good news or bad news? :grin: Please be warned I posted this link from the innuendo of my own free will.


Rochford needs to do a Pat Gilroy. Get rid of the deadwood and built his own team.


Put names to that @Stato82 :grin:


Mayo need a change of direction. Surprised he’s staying on