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I don’t think players wanted McStay either as McHale would have been part of the setup. Think he had criticised a couple players in a his newspaper column


McStay is probably the best option. I remember that line about McHale being used when their names popped up and that to me shows the prima donnas they’ve got in that Mayo squad. If they were interested in getting better as footballers and as a team they shouldn’t be worried about what someone said to fill out a column, but instead simply want the best option available to the team.

I’m far from McStay’s biggest fan from when he was on the Sunday game, but he won a club all ireland with an ageing St Brigids team, and has done extremely well with Roscommon since being there. The longer he’s not Mayo manager the better


Whoever comes in , if anybody , is going to have to curtail this player power within the panel .


I have heard that some of the senior players have had too much clout. A new managerial voice is needed.


David Clarke, Ger Cafferkey, Colm Boyle, Keith Higgins, Seamus O Se, Andy Moran, Barry Moran all mentioned as possibles.

I’d hope andy stays and use him as an impact sub, he can also show guidance for new players and same goes for Boyle but these lads are completely burnt out


Youd imagine this would be the way forward .
Someone else needs to be given playing time to develop . There’s only so much left in the tank for andy . We seen how Bernard has made the transition.


I’d agree on Andy still has a big role there imo


I really hope rochford stays on I think he’s doin a fantastic job


Of what? Helping us win all Irelands? You might have a point…


Good man jaden , the penny dropped at the end of your reply


Jaden I know your a regular poster over on the WJ blog but I never knew you were one of us :wink: welcome to the family :slight_smile:


Rochfort inherited a good set up from Horan. Think he rode his luck getting to 2 all Ireland finals . Some odd decisions he made over the past 3 years and if he goes no silverware to show for it. No obvious candidates to replace him and I wouldn’t be surprised if Horan returned to it.


It’ll likely be a thankless task for the next couple of years. Michael Solan or any of the U21 All Ireland winning management team would be worth a chance.


Putting Hennelly in goal for 2016 replay will haunt him.


It will. Any mayo fan I talked to after that match their first sentence was once I saw him in goal I knew we would lose.


Does tgat not go back to the player power problem. I think the current set up deserves another year as do the players, a full strength, rexted squad with a few movibg to the impact sub role would be my recomendation.


He inherited it from Holmes and Connelly !


So He did.


Ah now, there’s no need for that level of insult, that’s just mean calling me a YewMan. :slight_smile:

The Irony is that there is an offshoot of our family that settled in Mayo a few generations back. The most prominent member of which was part of that Mayo team of 50/51, and a Mitchels player to boot.

It’s a shameful part of our history that we don’t ever discuss. We have that in common with the Germans.


Was it not Horan who created the monster that killed Holmes and Watson and ultimately always undermined Rochford to some extent? Sure he’d just come back in and keep it all “my lads”. McStay would possibly be a good choice, Guru Jimmy too radical. Horan helped create the essential mentality within that squad amongst the senior players.

You can say what you like about Aido et al, and lack of trophies but it was Rochford who got the best out of that team in All-Ireland finals, and got the win over Kerry. Did he have the material to have left out the likes of some of the main lads? Would the team/squad have survived their culling? It was always going to be a tough balance.