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Thought he defended us brilliant after the AI last year when Colm O’Roure wanted us nuked, sorry split in half.


True but would be nice to see him like that a lot more often


Yeah he did but this is a dirty war. This requires precise preparation and military precision.

“Yes Pat but how come you did not seek the same punishment or highlight the incident involving (insert Kerry player) in the XXth minute of the game versus XXXXX.?”


Yeah fair enough… would be nice for the likes of Des or who ever is hosting to ask those questions as well.


Yeah if he grew a pair he could too …


Whelo should bring a pair of white gloves in with him to the Studio.

When Pat starts spouting off, he should quietly take them out of his breast pocket and start putting them on, while never breaking eye contact with the wee Bollox.


Why would he imitate a snooker ref???


No to slap the taste out of spillanes gob like he did to many a meathman !


Not wrong but also not judicious. Given all the factors involved it’s much better served for Dublin that the likes of Whelo remain impartial, in fact both for his county and the standards of media. Otherwise its a race to the bottom, with everyone commenting on a regular basis in national media saying “we” about their own county and being entirely one-eyed. * (I make an exception for any journalist from Louth) *


To replace the balls?


Agreed, he is very wishy washy


Well said. Highlights again exactly what Spillane is at


People aren’t fans of Spillane but I watched his analysis on the Sunday game last night and was delighted to hear him call out Neil McGee for his knee drop.

Spillane rightly called it ‘Cowardly’ … about time someone said it!

And what do you know, there’s been no legal action threatened and RTE offered no apology on air or since then as was hilariously suggested by the resident drama-lama.


I always liked Spillane. I’m just calling him out for targeting our lads. I think he’s a mercenary cynic at heart and will do whatever he thinks makes the best TV or even just whatever he feels like on the night.


He’s defo in it for preserving his team’s legacy


Which will make it all the more enjoyable if we usurp it.


If you drink coffee do uslurp it …


Many of his own don’t like him though.


If we don’t he’s going to need a plastic surgeon to hide his glee on the Sunday Game. No amount of make up is going to cut it.


“Those two he missed into Hill 16 were vital, highly-pressurised kicks, very similar to the one Dean nailed last year, at the other end, with a GPS flying through the air at him.”

Alan won’t let it go either :grin: