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They will have too much for them over 70 minutes. They might struggle early but Semple will suit Mayo even more than Tipp I think and will win with 5/6 to spare.
Getting minutes into Keegan at the weekend would have been a major plus for them.


Tipperary last year at this stage would have beat Mayo, not this year. Still will make a good fist of it.

Since there isn’t a radio thread have to mention here that the farty squad yesterday failed to mention the Dublin game at all. They covered the Ulster semi and the other Leinster as well as the hurling (which was fair enough).

I thought it was because the Ulster game was close and ours was a blow out, was surprised when I saw the result ( farty and.the crew never mentioned the score lol) in that the Donegal win was as facile as ours.


Pat must be on a bonus scheme to media assassinate Dublin players. Red faced CAUC.

Quote from article. 'if Jonny Cooper will face any retrospective disciplinary action for his clash with Longford forward Dessie Reynolds.'


In fairness lads, I really don’t give a rats what they say about us, as we’ll just continue to produce it on the field. As I’ve said before there was none of this shite when Kilkenny won 11 from 15 AI’s.

The biggest issue I have is from @JJF piece above. And it was the same with Connolly, and no matter what way it’s dressed up, this is Spillane and RTE targeting the Dubs and basically trying to get Ref’s to re-look at incidence’s with only one Agenda, to get a Dubs player suspended.

I’ll say it again, the Carlow game last year, Brendan Murphy was in breech of the exact same Rule that Connolly got 12 wks for by verbally abusing the linesman. If this continues, then there needs to be a Dublin spokesperson who can go into CCCC or DRA, and say, “Well if you’re going to punish my player, here’s evidence of the same breech of the Rule by XXX”




Let’s not forget Cody shouting and pushing the ref/sideline offical in Semple last year. Not a dickie bird said about that either.


From a Dublin perspective, while supporting what has become and is a phenomenal achievement by a county, we can be forgiven for not being alert to the level of hurt and anger our success breads in the opposition. While it should give rise to introspective examination and mimicking by opposition counties and it does in some cases, it also gives rise to bitterness and jealous rage. We have a choice to continue to do the right thing, to highlight and support our qualities or follow them down the quagmire of vitriol and defeatism. So far we have maintained an extremely high standard of humility, long may it continue as we continue our journey in sporting prowess. Champions not losers set the agenda, let’s do it.


i agree with this, although i cant see that specific incident leading to anything.


Real issue here is that the two items that should be front and centre in the media this week are the brawl up north and Andy McEntee’s Incredible Hulk impersonation against the ref at the end of M***h- Tyrone game. Most of the red cards at the weekend were passed off as ‘ off the ball incidents’ without any forensic examination by RTÉ . There is no ongoing frenzy by the media against the Offaly, Tyrone, Donegal, Longford guys, etc. No, let’s keep the words ‘Jonny Cooper’and ‘case to answer’ in the same headline and repeat,repeat,repeat until he’s convicted. Cannot believe that some of these cnuts belong to the same profession as Con Houlihan. It’s Mob journalism these days and Parnell Pk are too passive responding to it.


Ah here, they can’t comment on every single bullshit utterance by every hack there is, they’d be making statements every other day!

John C comes out every year and makes his ‘state of the union’ address and he often criticises the media in it. In fact, if I recall correctly, the year before last he lambasted the media!


Whelo isn’t doing much given his position on TSG IMO. Seems to think he’ll ruffle feathers or something. ■■■■ them there is an ongoing campaign in sections of the media to have Dublin players refereed differently to everyone else. Whelo needs to speak out


Just on Whelo, he is there as an employee of RTÉ and I’m sure is given instruction what and what not to discuss by the director of the program! He’s one of the proudest Dubs you’ll ever meet.


Agreed, if DCB was to respond it would only feed the narrative that we are trying to cover up. Better to treat the press like imbeciles and only give them snippets of the most mundane stuff imaginable


John C comes out every year and makes his ‘state of the union’ address and he often criticises the media in it. In fact, if I recall correctly, the year before last he lambasted the media!

Yes, but that address is usually in the off- season and is forgotten about in no time. And whatever he he said in last years address is falling on deaf ears because the same crap is happening to Cooper now as happened with DC last year.

Just to be clear as well- if Jonny Cooper or any other player has any case to answer let the GAA decide, not RTÉ, TodayFM, off the boil , Innuendo or the Kerry media mafia.


Yes but a lot of the time they are just repeating what others are saying - especially Spillane. This guy hung DC out to dry and who knows what the long-term repercussions might be there. Now he is after Jonny and in a fortnight it may be Philly or God forbid if Fento look at someone crooked you can be sure Spillane will be leading the posse for his lynching. He so badly needs to be publicly called out on it - it is a deliberate ploy designed to assist Kerry - there is not a scintilla of objectivity in it. Maybe John Horan needs to repeat that there will be no trial by television in the GAA.


I know he is and don’t want to be having a pop at him but I’m sure Spillane has the same instructions from the director and It never stops him getting his own agenda out. Even Brolly and Dessie Dolan called him out last year over DC . Is it wrong to expect one our own to do the same?


Spillane was the same with Tyrone 10-15 years ago.He was all sour grapes after Kerry losing games whinging about puke football and blanket defences. Even now he never wastes a opportunity to get a dig at Mickey Harte.


The ref gave a free and talked to JC did he not? Is that not the same technicality bollocks that Andy Moran got off with. As in the ref dealt with it at the time.


Oh I don’t doubt that about Whelo at all. But I don’t think Spillane, TO’S or Gooch wouldn’t be vocal if there was a deliberate campaign within the media to have Kerry players refereed differently to everyone else as is happening with Dublin


Should have been yellow card at time but don’t think Deegan can take further action now.