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Stop trying to pawn Kimmage on us…he sat down and spoke to John Maughan last year in Castlebar for an interview…he quoted that it was his first time ever in Castlebar…


All your favourite friend is at it again in the Sindo today. He is clearly going after the GAA because he knows the clickbait it generates. FFS do not give him the oxygen …


he a great knowledge of GAA.Refers to Seamus Hickey as ex Limerick hurler. He was playing for them last week :joy::joy:


He will be heading to the tour de France soon thank christ.


Brolly writes a nicely absurd Ulster piece and also a good-ish piece about [hewhocantbediscussedbecausealanwillgetmad]. What surprises me is his lack of a bit of insider knowledge that I would’ve thought a guy like him would have.


There are no real inaccuracies in Brolly’s piece.


I didn’t say there were but there are a couple of things that indicate he doesn’t really know what’s going on.


Joe Brolly: Jim Gavin better pray that the four in a row is not blown while Diarmuid Connolly is in America


Not for the first time i was thinking about DC while watching the lads play without him today .
We’ve all heard the stories , etc. What i hope is , is that all this shit doesn’t sour his experiences playing for the county team. I really hope to god these arent tarnished by recent goings on. I’d really like to believe hed love to be out there playing & not the disillusioned with the game lark that’s been put out there. He’s too much of a talent for his final years to pass him by.
If he never plays again , i hope he looks back over his tremendous career & medal haul with pride .
Because he is , without question , the most skilful Dub ever to pull on the jersey .


Read Brolly’s piece, he knows that talking of and pre-empting failure/defeat and regrets of what might/should have been for Dublin in their current position is great news and will make him look like a sooth-sayer if it comes to pass.

Jim Gavin and the squad and other coaches don’t have the luxury of what-ifs, there are so many factors in play in every team situation that whatever comes to pass cannot be pinned down to this or that, no matter how great an influence any one player has.

It’s like the argument about the very unlucky goals Mayo conceded to Dublin in the final a couple of years ago, in so many ways the goals saved our bacon and prevented Mayo having a great chance to win but who knows how they actually affected the game overall, and the outcome.

Diarmuid is a massive loss, worst of all though for me is not getting the chance to see him play for any side hardly at all since the Carlow game last year, that’s the tragedy. But as many have said, hope things are going well for him, and I wish him all the best whatever he does, that’s the bottom line.


A lucky man. I take it most clubs would have one of these or am I been naive?


6 articles on Mayo or Mayo related stories on The 1 Story on our lads with red face Spillane pointing out how lucky Cooper was to stay on.


Jesus the hard on the media have for Mayo is embarrassing


Let them. I’ve a feeling it’s all coming to an end fairly soon. Tipp away will show us how much they have left in them and I wouldn’t be shocked if it was the last time we see Mayo this year.

Then again I wouldn’t be shocked if I was listening to David Brady talk about feelings in his waters on up for the match either


I didn’t re watch the match yesterday but was that Cooper slap or whatever you want to call it discussed / replays shown during the live rte coverage . Or was it brought up on the Sunday Game last night ?


At half time they mentioned it. Tomas O’Se thought it was silly when on a yellow but didn’t think there was much in it. O’Rourke thought similar. They said he needed to be careful though as he was getting involved in unnecessary stuff. They were both adamant the Longford red was the correct call too


I want Mayo to make it to the latter stages, what’s killed them every year is they made it all the way to september but never brought it home.

Give them an early exit now and they might use the rest of the year to improve for 2019 :grin:


David Brady has the safe effect on me as Andrews. What a knob.


You saw what Cork did to tipp? cork are not a great team by any means.


Tipp are better than that showing though. I expect them to give Mayos defence a serious test. It’s keeping Mayo at the other end that may be their undoing but a tricky test for the men from the West