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Are you sure about that ?. I shared a mutual friend with his father. His parents moved from Coolock to the Naul in their later years. I do know he arrived out with 2 of his kids in mayo gear around 2015 and I always believed his wife was from there.


Yeah, I’m sure alright. His parents moved out beside them in their later years as you said, but they built beside her family home probably about 30 years ago. Not sure where the Mayo jerseys would come from though, but definitely not her side of the family.


There is a lot of divided land in east Meath bordering north county Dublin where mayo people were settled possible connection there. Will follow up on it during the week.



It’s really a sad story.


No. They’re not. He’s a clown. A very very sad one at that.


Dud he not state his wife is from mayo in one of his articles?


I think his article where he said his wife is from mayo is from last year’s prior to the all Ireland final


Definitely not from mayo, I went to national school with her and her brothers over 40 years ago so she is very much a Dubs, albeit a North County one. Not sure where that article is from but unless he has a secret wife then he was either misquoted or using poetic license to make his article mean more to his rural readership


Jaysus… you say that likes it’s a diluted version of being a Dub!!! :wink:


No, quite proud of being a North County Dub myself but some supporters seem to think we’re not real Dubs because we didn’t have a double decker bus to go to school on.


Fixed that for you @spanner


Hedge schools are schools too Dub09!






The best kind of Dub.


■■■■ that yis are like the wildlings out of game of thrones.


Have never watched it thank f**k so I can presume that was a lovely compliment…






There’s a place that doesn’t have a double decker bus?? In Dublin?! :astonished: