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Der Bomber is in the first stage - denial. He’s given up on football and taking up golf, in the belief that this will stop the five in a row.




Some sagely advice for Eoin and Tomàs.

‘Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man’. Friedrich Nietzsche


He us just ringing in his article as we speak title of this week’s spoof der hurt


After the league final win last year

“We didn’t have a rivalry up until this, but now we do”


He must be terribly hurt by the way the year panned out but no doubt like Tomás he’s still convinced that ‘they’ (certain national media analysts/Kerry political wing/Ministry of Truth) still have our number after that famous win. The extra year will not only have been invaluable experience, it will have given them a hunger so gnawingly huge that they will chomp their way through the summer like giant rats through…a big carcass!


I must try & dig it out , but there was a roadshow on Terrace Talk during the week before the '15 final. Had the usual sprinkling of kerry greats on it . Think Der Bomber & Jack O’Shea were among them, confidence was very high & somewhere during the proceedings the weather forecast was mentioned for the sunday . Suddenly there was an outbreak of "5 goals in the rain " with everyone joining in .It was fucking priceless considering how the game played out & sickened they were after it . It wasnt bad enough that were beaten but what stuck in the craw was how comprehensively beaten in a final , very unkerry like :sunglasses:


Big story by Kimmage on O’Dwyers today!
(or half a story, as is usual with PK)


This is his new hobby horse exposing what seem to be petty enough -in the greater scheme of things -rows in gaa clubs. Are these stories worthy of national newspaper coverage?


I’d give kimmage cunty balls no mention on this site. He doesn’t deserve nothing


Kimmage has Mayo connections right? And so far in the last year he has called out the Dublin Snr football team and manager, a Galway club, and now a Dublin club. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

There’s not many worse bitters than a Dub Anti-Dub bitter.


20 clicks on that link. And we wonder why he’s still in a job?


Married to a mayo woman. Still doesn’t explain why he is a obnoxious sap. But yer right the worst kind of bitter is a self hating dub.


its Laughable what passes off as journalism these days
Bits of a story glossed over and other stuff in depth, then on the phone to Croke Park for a couple of quotes and hey presto an article is born
The Sunday Innuendo indeed


I thought O’Reilly was gone from the indo - so why the constant digs at the GAA still? seem to love nothing more then to snipe.


Isn’t O’ Dwyers Kimmage’s local club?


No clann mhuire I believe is his club or at least his kids play/played for them.


You are right on the family bit but I think if there was a parish rule in Dublin, his local club would be O’Dwyers.


It’s relatively easy pickings. Lots of clubs, plenty of arguments to chose from. Although with this and the Galway one Cabbage seems to be going full bore Joe Duffy, “ah it’s terrible Paul, all de kids want is to play for der favourite manager”


His local club is Clann Mhuire, and his wife is from the Naul, not mayo