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Indeed, the indo seems to love to have a dig at the GAA they were billing this article as something ‘every parent should read’ FFS. What a Ducking rag.


I have to say, as someone who has questioned some of your previous posts, that is one superb offering.
Take a bow.


Is it your man from the Gate …


What’s seldom is wonderful :joy:


“Connolly, to me, is a football genius. He’s also big-game genius.”


They’re only raving about him because he’s not playing, total insidiousness.


Alot of the aggro really got going after Tomás’ dreathar mór made a comment in an article in a national paper, think it was early 2013, encouraging(inciting) that opponents should wind DC up, so that he would get carded, maybe sent off. What more is there to say when a national legend of the game is willing to go to that level.
It followed on I suppose from the example of pure cynicism set by Tadhg Kennelly, not just his elbow, not just what he wrote about it in his book after but how he spoke about it in the media later on. And his subsequent career in enticing some of the best gaelic talent away to Aussie Rules. If ever karma was to prove almost instant and perfectly apt for a certain county…


Another strange article up there this morning on the team’s trip to the Somme this weekend…


Daft article.Tries his best to stir it with veiled references as to whether or not the trip constituted a training camp which are restricted at certain times of the year. He fails to mention that the month of May isn’t one of those ‘certain times’. Yet another filler article using Dublin in the headline to attract clicks.



an allusive or oblique remark or hint, typically a suggestive or disparaging one.
“she’s always making sly innuendoes”
synonyms: insinuation, implication, hint, suggestion, intimation, overtone, undertone, whisper, allusion, nuance, reference, imputation, aspersion, slur

More bullshite from the Bindo


Great name for the indo the Irish Innuendo.


Looking forward to seeing this lad in action


Tomás Ó Sé: Kerry are the best-equipped team to stop Dublin’s four in-a-row. In fact, I strongly suspect they will

Now officiallyin the kerry media mafia


Shite last year but throw in a few minors and they will beat the best team ever …

If Jack Barry is allowed to cut loose even Fenton will struggle to cope!!! Had to stop reading at that point. Tomas …, would you ever fcuk off …


Writing us off. Suits me down to the ground. The Spontaneous combustion in Yerra land if we do what they didn’t will be enough to keep the country heated for a good while :+1:


Oh now I get it silly me… The reason why Kerry have not won the AI recently under pitzy fitzy is that Munster championship has gone against them and the super 8 will sort them all out . ■■■■ of Tomas and don’t be your brother or indeed the bomber don’t fall into the yerra bucket o shite


The only thing Barry could cut loose from is hanging out of fentos Jersey


I actually like Tomás Ó Sé as a pundit, but this is serious spoofing, blagging and waffling. Kerry are going to stop Dublin now that they’ve added a few unproven minors? Kerry are very quiet? Jaysus, Jim and Stepho must be having sleepless nights. Best Kerry stay quite because they’ll not have much to shout about come August. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cork beat them? “Cut Loose”, we should add that to ‘hurt’ and ‘hunger’ and ’ natural footballers’ for reasons why the yerras think they should beat us, but inexplicably can’t.

The three best man markers that ever played also happened to be on the same panel as himself. He should ask the Gooch about man markers. Those tight fitting wedding suits must be affecting the oxygen supply to Tomás’s head.


Any word from Der Bomber on this ?


Can’t speak at the minute as overwhelmed with hurt & hunger :grin: