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The bullying was by an adult!


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I did yep. To pass the boredom in work only I might add. It’s incredible stuff. Basically Kimmage ‘investigating’ an investigation! His hatred for the GAA really shines through the article.

Basically a couple of kids and their parents were unhappy at the the use of bad language by a coach at under 12 training. More snowflake shite Imo. So they decide they want to play at the next grade up, under 14. The 2 kids in question, then allege that they were held back in the under 14 dressing room, and threatened by the secretary that they’d never play for the club again. The club refute this, and state they were told in dressing room they wouldnt be selected as they were too young (11), and weren’t yet up to the skill level of under 14.

Cue complaints, allegations, acrimony, Croke Park intervention etc. And of course Kimmage sticking his beek in in his role as Scooby Doo whodunit school of investigation. It’s a comical and embarassing article. How it got to print just shows the dire straits journalism as a craft is in. He goes on like he’s exposing the Magdalene laundries!




Jesus the language used at our u13 grade … by me. Bullying is a thorny one. Have experienced a few cases that would make you wonder about people.


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It takes a special kind of eejit to fall out with Brian O’Driscoll.


God be with the days when people got on with it!


Says the guy who bought the Sindo …


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I haven’t read it yet so I will hold off final judgment until then, but I do have some questions.

This depends, if it was the occasional curse then everyone should just calm down. This stuff happens and I’m sure the children have heard worse. However if it was constantly happening then that is an issue. You should be able to moderate your language in front of a group of eleven year olds, if you can’t do that then you have an issue.

It certainly seems reasonable that they would be too young for the age group. But why was the club secretary the one to tell them this? Was he involved with that team? If he wasn’t then it is very odd. I could easily see how two eleven year old children would feel threatened by a senior club official coming along and holding them back until after the others have gone then proceeds to tell them that they won’t be playing for that team. If he was the team’s manager then it is fine, if he wasn’t (and I say this as someone who occasionally has to interact with children due to work) his behaviour would raise a major red flag.

Surely Kimmage would be Scrappy Doo.


No cabbage would be the creeper the miserable ■■■■


Is Paul Kimmage Ireland’s Lisa Simpson? We ask our readers. -


ah in fairness there probably are questions to be asked and answered. But not by that clown. And not on page 2 and 3 of a national newspapers. The snowflakes will love it.


Just read the article and while I’m no fan of I feel he is in the right here. The club acted very badly throughout and are currently suspended from all juvenile hurling and football.


We’ll have to agree to disagree so! Everyday club politics etc being displayed in a national newspaper. There’s a bigger agenda at play here. Sure I remember getting a belt off a rugby coach when I was underage. If it happened today he’d probably be in jail, and id be going around in a mink coat, even on a hot day such as this !


Stop the press! There was war in me mother in law’s drama group last week! The director is a right bollocks!