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Award for the most pointless article of the year so far.


Thanks al! What do I get? Please say it’s a gift voucher of some kind.


Did you write it?

(Btw, any news about Dermo?)


He transferred to the wexicans


No need to be making jokes about Dermo’s prominent chin.


Prehaps-burg this belongs in the lookalike thread.


Perhaps one needs changing - they’re both Lee Chin …

ps Is he still Lee Chin off his parents?




Irish Independent preview of championship today with the usual set of no mark pundits predicting various events around the championship from Will Mayo Finally Do It to Please God Tell Us That Dublin Will Be Beaten :grinning:

Anyways the greatest reassurance us Dubs can get from the comedy that followed is that the old reliables have come through as they have done through every year of our success:

Der Bomber once again has called out the utterly immense hurt in Kerry that will lead to not only Kerry beating Dublin this year to win the All Ireland but that this is a prelude to era of great Kerry dominance :grinning:!

And the other oul reliable Peter the Great can’t for sure tell us who will beat Dublin this year but knows (together with lots of prayers to our dear lord Jesus) that someone will beat Dublin this year!

Well that’s the 4-in-a-row sorted. The stars / predictions have landed as the prophesy requires. Roll on de bleedin 5-ina-row and likely spontaneous combustion of Der Bomber and poor little Peter :joy:


Poor oul Bomber. At leas his is consistent in his delusion. Peter the Great more or less says the same thing every year. Its an awful pity that Cork th sleeping giant couldn’t of been better to batter them Kerry boys. Kerry and their ;hurt; its as if the fuckers invented gaels football and have exclusive right to the ‘hurt’


In fairness, they’ve been good enough to share said ‘hurt’ with Mayo the last few years. We wouldn’t know the meaning of the word. Christ.


It truly is a great time to be alive.


At this stage it feels like they are just doing a David McWilliams on it. Just keep predicting the same thing every year and eventually like a stopped clock you will be right, then you can live off your sole correct call while happily ignoring the majority of times you were wrong.

There is obviously no such thing as a performance review for pundits.


Anyone picked up a copy of the indo and see what Paul Kimmage’s investigation into a GAA that “every parent should read” is all about?


Some trouble in Athenry which appears to involve the bullying of kids. I could be wrong as I only scanned it due to my dislike of Kimmage and his motives. It was foolish of me to buy the Sindo. It is an utter rag. On the basis of polls that did not ask people which parties they favoured, Jody Corcoran (circus material) has a story line: ‘Voters have become more bored than wary of FF and are confused about what the party stands for’. Amazingly, omniscient savant Jody doesn’t say how he knows this. Maybe he heard it from Eoghan Harris. Or Ruth Dudley Edwards Paisley. Good man Denis. I hope the investigation fillets you.


Bullying amongst a group of children, well i never heard the like :roll_eyes:


Shurrup you or I’ll give you a Chinese burn!


Don’t you bully me you big meanie.


Ask your ma! :slight_smile:

What was that insult all about anyway, the school was a tough place, but why “ask your ma”?


I think the inference was they’d had special cuddles with said lady.