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This is gonna be great!
Have the Castlebar Gardai got a plan to protect the Gaillimh team bus?


Here’s hoping , personally I am concerned about the hostile cauldron of McHale Park . Let’s say a prayer thats there’s no booing !


Andy Moran has his say. And a new penalty to deal with nasty cynical fellas like the Dubs. :wink:


Hilarious. Naturally, his own crowd did nothing wrong against Donegal. Neck like a jockeys bollocks there Andrew.


I actually think it’s not a bad idea, so long as it is for the whole game and applies to players interfering with the goalkeeper’s tee, etc… how often have we seen players try to do that to Cluxton, more especially?


Its a great idea, been saying that for ages when discussing the black card. But laughable coming from Andy when discussed in the context fo what happened in the Donegal game.


i’m sure he was answering a question rather that preaching about it.
Bit like the Fenton article where he called for players to be paid - when he just mentioned something about Cul Camps in the summer and players leaving for the states.


I think he first spoke about that on Second Captains recently .


Mr Ski pants can hardly pontificate about anyone, jeopardising his team as he is, Franz bleedin Klammer


ha ha don’t be jealous



The two lads look shell-shocked beside Diego.


My first thought was that Mickey Harte was after putting on a bit of weight. :grin:


Exactly…the general public are stupid and see a headline and run with it…the journalists know this.



Good to see Alanoc making friends with joe.(yahoo is a bit strong though)


Joe and Alan would have needed a lock-in if the talk turned to intercounty managers.


I’m sure al would’ve had a few words, if he wasn’t preoccupied leading the conga back to the clubhouse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


He would of been better of just asking CK what was his opinion on Peru’s foreign policy from 1966-1974! :grin:


That would have been a question for Aidan and Shamie’s great uncle Pin