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Yer economy would collapse overnight without us…especially Coppers and Camden Street :wink:


Listen yewtree you need to get back to the mayo Pravda and remind them of the last 20 mins of 2012 semi final cause they seem to have forgotten your heroes antics in that game. All the talk is that the mayo angels have finally learned the dark arts and embraced the cynicism that only the dubs and Kerry practice. Are ya are fuckin mad or wha over there.


We aren’t angels and haven’t been since Horan took over. In fairness to Dublin, Mayo or whoever…What are you meant to do…? Let the opposition waltz through and get a score?

Galway the once declared pure football men are now employing the dark arts themselves.


Exactly now tell pebblesniffer ridiculousino leanhead et al that.


Sweeney slipping over to the dark side, from being one of the few remaining objective (towards Dublin anyway) scribes. Then again, I’m sure as a Sligo man deep down he’s really a closet Mayo fan-boy, who would jump on that bandwagon, and even the Galway one, given the opportunity. Not to mention Donegal.

The headline is misleading, “return honour to the championship”? Had it been lost? Probably he just means on the yearly basis.
The comment about Mayo fans seeing relegation as part of a master plan is laughable.

Overall though I’m surprised that he is backing Mayo so strongly over Galway, though if they lose to them again in Connaught I’m sure the horse-jumping will be swift.


Did he famously not declare that mayo will win the all Ireland a few years back. He was dogmatic about it aswell - still your right as well as Dubintip the use of the word honour has me baffled, just another articles dancing to the tune of the people’s champions. But st least he didn’t mention the tried and trusted case tests of Leitrim and Carlow.


DIdnt read the article but sounds like he’s joking. Leeroy’s GPS throwing and ■■■’s elbows & tantrums are as bad as anything dublin, Kerry or Tyrone before them got up to.


Well phew… between all that fist thumping and selfie portraits the big man actually knew how it was all going to play out form the get go. And this resser along with the MayoGAABlog let out a collective sigh of relief.


As bad as anything we’ve done! Does that include the stuff we didn’t do? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yea like that fake headbutt, it was vicious.




Very Funny.


Is there a fund to help Tyrone devise a way to play attacking football? Sorry @upthedall :laughing::laughing:


Yup, buy some Diesel up there, the money tickles down to the GAA.


Company man, Jarlath Burns junior, taking a bit more out of their Sunday win than the players


You mean you missed the goal-fest against Kerry in HP??

10 Hail Marys for you.

With S O’Neill helping out, the good times are back.

Prepare for a bad summer. It’s all I’m saying.


Tyrone is the hand-beat of our nation? Good an all as yis are we could all be left marooned after the league final.


The hand-beat? Settle now. Deep breaths…


Funny…MH made the same point in today’s Irish News.

Basically saying there should be a bit more balance in the media.

Last year the media made them out to better than they really were…and after the loss to Dublin…made them out to be worse than they are.

It was in context of asking people not to get carried away after 3 league wins on the trot. Donegal, Mayo and Kerry will be different come the c’ship