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It is masochism to read the turgid dross that Sweeney scribbles for that rag. He is to journalism what Worzel Gummidge was to fashion modelling…largely unsuited. He is from a place called Gorteen, in Sligo. Gorteen means small field. A small-brained man from a small field, who has small thoughts. Who cares what he writes! Who cares about him in any way. Move on.


I seem to remember lads loving him here a while back when he was writing complimentary things?!


We’re very needy. And fickle. A great combination.


I actually cringe at that sweeney article…a Sligo man who in another article wrote Mayo off last year…the standard of GAA journalism is chronic


Yeah he upset a lot of mayo with his donkeys comment. Obviously playing to the audience. GAA journalism is the shits with the exception of Sean Moran and Malachy Clerkin.


Michael foley when I read him( if I find a Sunday Times lying around) I think is fair and interesting. His 2 books the bloodied field and kings of September are great reads.


And they’re all on your side!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:


See a pattern here?


Two words…”Roy Curtis” lol


Jaysus we have to have one @mayoman😂


I could mention a few more…and if your limping Sligo man Sweeney as one of us I’m gonna call Parkinson one of yers :wink: Funnily enough I actually like Ciaran Whealan as a pundit.


He’s appalling.


You may have crossed a line there @mayoman that can never be uncrossed. That is like giving us the last guy in the school playground game even though it was your pick. Whelo is mostly good and if anything sometimes doesn’t defend us robustly enough - but he is honest.


take that back


Time for the mods to step in here


He should be made a mod for that.


Who? Whelo?


No spell it out for me there chief…


That was pure poison! All Mayo ambassadors could be expelled from Dublin…


Both members of Aosdana and drive blue Toyotas