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I agree, we’re in danger of turning out a generation of cripples at this rate.


Discussion of this issue will be the death of us!


It’s a nasty dose, I’ve been hospitalised 3 times with it over the years, it can leave you feeling horribly sick.
Thankfully they discovered the cause and I haven’t had a dose for a couple of years now


Must be almost ten years since I’ve had it.
Actually got hospitalised with it once the day before flying out to Buenos Aires, the first stop on my maiden long solo travelling trip. :anguished: . Luckily I got away a week later. :grin:


2 wrongs don’t make a right is true but both Connolly and Moran were wrong. Both committing the same wrong on different officials so both deserve the same punishment. While I personally think the punishment for the crime is too severe, it is what it is at the moment and should be applied to all.


And so it begins

If that point hadn’t of been scored would we have seen this article :thinking:


THIRTEEN steps, disgraceful


Well, a more honest opening line would be “MAYO are the team the GAA media needs right now”

It will be sad, when they do finally fade away, to see all the ex mayo players and managers in the skips outside of the INM and newstalk offices, and to see David Brady earnestly practicing his Dublin accent.


Whilst trying not to forget where he parked his car…


As they say, a slap on the back and a kick up the arse are only inches apart…


Sweet Jesus, what a pile of dribbling arse gravy. Some of the worst scutter I’ve seen from the bindo in a while

The green and red knights from the West must once more save the championship’s honour.

Save it…
From what?
From who?
Have they saved the championship before?
How does a Mayo win save anything?
Hate Dublin much Eamo?

If a “so called” journalist is going to write shite like this he should at least back it up with some sort of an argument of any description.

A stock piece of I love Mayo crapology, worthy of that other monkey with a keyboard that works for them


Sweeney. Enough said. The people’s champions doped communications unit rolls on.


In the pre 2011 days, I never thought I would enjoying winning this much.


it must be a dishonourable championship when we win it, i suppose.

adjective: dishonourable; adjective: dishonorable

 bringing shame or disgrace on someone or something.

 "his crimes are petty and dishonourable"
synonyms:	disgraceful, shameful, shameless, 

shaming, disreputable, discreditable, degrading,
debasing, ignominious, ignoble, blameworthy,
contemptible, despicable, reprehensible, shabby,
shoddy, sordid, sorry, base, low, improper,
unseemly, unworthy; unprincipled, unscrupulous,
corrupt, untrustworthy, treacherous, perfidious,
traitorous, villainous; informalshady, crooked,
low-down, dirty, rotten, rascally, scoundrelly;
informalbeastly; archaicscurvy, knavish

its like the mayogaa blog word cloud when we beat them…


As said… Dublin You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious Willie joe


They use to write the same shite about us to a degree , talk us up for the summer - blue book, blue swagger, blue wave, blue tint in vaughans hair.

I use to think it was to sell papers in the capital. but maybe they just have to write something in the GAA section to fill it up.


Who said that??




Ooooh!!! Though silly joe said it on his blog and him living amongst us tut tut!


Willy! Although…:smirk: