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Is that confirmed? The only reference I’ve seen to that was Joe Brolly saying that was how it looked, but I’ve never seen this either confirmed or denied. Just curious, as it would be an appalling admission for anyone to actually make

Link to Brolly piece


I think we debated about this at the time that ref has a couple of days to submit the report . We can not be 100% on this so ya use my comment as speculation so but what Brolly says makes sence & I believe that’s what happened under pressure due to media interference.
Also , the CCCC would have been up shit creek if there was no mention of it in the report as I believe they couldn’t do anything if it wasn’t in it .

"Once it’s in the referee’s report then the CCCC are entitled to act on it. If it hadn’t been in the report there was a serious problem. The CCCC would have had great difficulty in dealing with it because it would be usurping the referee’s funtion.


Is that what’s happening? Big loss if so.


Surely you can see that it’s wrong for the rule not to be applied to Moran as it was Connolly, Comerford, the lad from Clare etc. The rule is a bit much but the biggest injustice is applying it to some and not to others. You either don’t apply it to anyone or you apply it to everyone. That’s the way it has to be. Mayo have got preferential treatment for their players misconduct yet again. Surely you have to see where people are coming from


Mayo people will argue many decisions have gone against us over the years and I won’t highlight them again. It’s swings and roundabouts…it’s annoying yes but I don’t see any consistency coming soon.


Yeah he has opted for surgery so looking at a longer lay off. It’s the best decision for him in the long run. I put player health and well being above all.

We may see him later in the summer, that is of course if we are still in the championship.


No , go ahead , it’s a quiet Friday afternoon :laughing:


His interview on Off The Ball in January was great. While I don’t like a lot of what he does on the pitch he’s a thoroughly likeable bloke off it and he has his priorities right. Sounded like he’s not going to hang around too long at this level. Mentioned the serious injuries and that he wants to have some quality of life when he stops playing. I think the celulitis is really playing on his mind. Who could blame that in fairness


A great character he is and while he will be back I don’t see him extending his Mayo career into his 30’s too far…more to life than football.

He and he rest of this particular Mayo team owe us fans absolutely nothing for the past 7 years.

(I just realized it sounds as if I’m writing this teams obituary like the rest of the country…I’m


Suggesting the ref’s report was altered is a grave accusation and demands proof.

Most if not all ref’s reports for inter county games are written and submitted before the ref leaves the venue.


It is a grave accusation. Why do you think Brolly suggested it .
Why didn’t he send him off at the time ? Why didn’t the linesman & ref consult after the incident ?
Lots of questions with few answers . If the ref noted it there & then surely he would have brandished a card . Are you suggesting they consulted before he left the venue ?It was a collosal ■■■■ up on so many points . The ref knew he had made a mistake as the hours & days passed . It’s about covering your arse . That’s my opinion on it anyway .


Leeroy has his All Ireland medal too!

You’re right too @mayoman … them lads owe ye nothing … except an ould All Ireland … :wink:


And his former school, Rice College in Westport have just made the Hogan Cup final beating Nass today in the semi final.

James Horan is the new Westport senior manager this year so things looking good for Westport GAA which is great to see. They were always considered a soccer town in Mayo.


The Tyrone man got a red card for his challenge. Boyle got a yellow. Zero difference in the tackles.


Just on the Cellulitis. It is very easy to catch early. I used to get it maybe twice a year for over 10 years. I had to miss the odd game but because I could feel and see the early stages of it my time away from playing was very little, thank God. It is very painful when you get it and potentially very dangerous, but certainly wouldn’t have been a reason for me giving up.
I have been very lucky in that I haven’t had it for years now.


Most teams believe they have decisions that go against them. Believe being the operative word.


Got it once in my knee when an old scar was opened up , nasty stuff .


I wouldnt like to see moran banned but 99% of commentary last year was that rules were rules you cant touch an official its a 12 week ban blah blah blah.Wheras not a word this time from officials or media.consistency with rules is all.


He suggested it because he’s a shitstirrer. And a barrister and therefore well able to defend himself if sued.

I’ve no idea what the ref did. And therefore I’m not going to idly speculate on a man’s character and morals when I have absolutely no evidence to do so.

I don’t know why he didn’t send him off at the time. By the letter of the law he should have.
Yes it was a shambles. But the GAA discplinary system by and large is a shambles. I think all inter county games should be filmed and a la Aussie Rules all matters reviewable. The ref should have little to no input. And suspended players should have one appeal and if that appeal fails the suspension can be added to.

I won’t hold my breath though.


Ah do … :smirk:

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