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Well , at least DC came back & proved why he’s the best player in the country . He had the last laugh .


Are you implying that Dublin players are treated differently than others?!






perishable items?


Remonstrating in an aggressive manner is the rule. Abusive language is a red card.

If someone runs/walks towards the ref, roaring and shouting in an aggressive manner, a black card is the punishment.


So why did Dermo get three months for what would only have been a black card offence if the ref had realised what was happening in front of his eyes at the time?


Connolly wasn’t suspended for a black card infraction, but rather a red card one. Not going debating the rights and wrongs of either incident, but if people felt that DC was hard done by with his suspension, it is strange that they are looking for similar for Moran - and the shout looking for consistency doesn’t really wash. Treat each incident on its own merit!!!


@bummer I have great time for your posts and have learned so much (grasshopper). But I can’t agree on this. This is absolutely all about consistency imo - or inconsistency. I genuinely don’t understand your point here. And it is not a vengeful call for a ban on another player (I don’t think I did that at any time). There is just no doubt whatsoever in my mind that people are being treated differently here either because they are good/bad guys or because of a media outrage and/or none. I won’t even go down the road of where they’re from …


In an ideal world we would have consistency, and that is what we all want, both on and off the pitch. Was Connolly hard done by - Yes. Does Moran deserve a similar ban just because of last years “error”? I don’t think so. If consistency means making two cock ups instead of one, then I don’t like that form of consistency. I would rather if each decision that has to be made can be decided on its own merits and on nothing else.

Does media, good guy/ bad guy, county allegiance come into it? Perhaps, but at the end if the day the decision makers should be made back up how they arrive at each decision. And keep this consistent, if that makes any sense!!!


Yeah I see where you’re coming from and fair enough @bummer

But I’d say one further thing (don’t you always says you) - I would have no doubt that if any number of Dublin players had done what Andy did they would 100% be facing a three month ban now. That’s the galling thing.


Its hard to know if they would suspend or not, but one thing for sure, there would be a much bigger public and media outcry for a suspension!!!


It’s not hard to know bummer . They would suspend based on the media outcry .


“Ah shure lookit” says the ref there after the incident, reaching for Mr Moran’s fine wrishty Gael lámh, “yer a grand fella and no mishtake, and shure we can’t be having the CLG’s shtar player of the year banned for an aul bit of manly remonshtration, so we can’t! Shure be off with ya there about yer businessh Mr Moran. (And Keep me in mind for that pair of corporate box ticketsh for da finals in sheptember now boy, wha?)” :wink::wink::wink:


That is what the controversy was. He clearly saw it and spoke to his official and deemed it not serious enough to require action. The Carlow backroom team were jumping up and down pointing at it so there is no way the referee didn’t see it.

Then after the furore on the Sunday game and elsewhere in the media it appeared in his match report, which was submitted after the Sunday game and various other outlets had aired their views and stirred up the shit.

What Dermo did was wrong, what Moran did was wrong. But nothing more frustrating than no consistency either in the rule book or the commentary of the events.


My own 2 cents…nothing in the Moran incident…maybe deserves a one or two match ban same as Connolly last year a daft decision.

I said it at the time it was way over the top ( The Connolly fall out). Do people here want Moran banned because they are outraged at the contact or just because Connolly got a lengthy ban, Moran should, even if you don’t agree with it…?


We want “consistency” . That is all .


We do too. The Tyrone mans hot on Keegan was dangerous and costly with Leeroy now opting for surgery as reported today, we might not see him play in the green and red this year.

Likewise Boyler can count himself lucky to escape a ban for his dangerous hit. It is the GAA though inconsistency is the order of the day.

All I’ve seen all week on social media is outcry from dubs saying he should get a long ban cause Diarmuid did…2 wrongs don’t make a right


I am not clamouring for a ban for Moran @mayoman but I certainly believe in highlighting this latest inconsistency at every opportunity. I firmly believe that the biggest danger to this Dublin team is this kind of thing and it continues unabated. We are most certainly treated differently than other counties and the likes of this and the false news should be called out whenever possible.


The grievance Dublin fans have is that the incident was revisited after it took place & the referees report was amended AFTER the game due to it been highlighted on the Sunday game & outcry on social media which wanted Connolly s head on a pike . There was a direct effort from Pat Spillane to stir up the hornets nest to have DC banned , which wasn’t any surprise because his exclusion would hamper Dublin & hurt their chances of winning an AI, thus improving Kerry’s chances .
So we have every right to question why this isn’t / wasn’t applied to Andy .