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Applies to all GAA activity. Like DC’s ban last year


He’s a player. Greater onus on officials not to get involved in melees


ah I know, it’s a selective double standard being applied all the same


No excuse rules apply to everyone. Why isn’t any been applied to Moran?


The rules for mentors are different to the rules for players. I still haven’t seen the Moran thing so I can’t really comment.But if the ref black carded him for abuse then that’s probably that.


Hard to make out here but if you rewatched the TSG on rte player it’s fairly conclusive there’s contact . Whether it falls under the same ruling as DC is up for debate .


Looking at that he certainly could be have been banned. But that would mean that either Deegan would have to have red carded him or not done anything at all. The fact that he black carded him means the issue is closed as the matter is deemed to have been dealt with in the referee’s report.

No matter how many times they try to revise the rules on discipline they just cannot get it right.


Jayo can have no complaints, he should know enough not to get involved. I assume the Galway player will also be charged with interfering with a mentor.

Moran should have received a red card and the subsequent 12 week ban, but Deegan bottled the decision so that will be the end of it. It’s not fair considering that the GAA have been cracking down on this lately (it’s not just Dermo who has received a suspension for this), but by giving the black card the incident was dealt with.

These incidents show a couple of things. Incidents should be able to be revisited even if the referee has dealt with them. Rugby Union has done this and the sky has not fallen in. It will make things much more even and fair.

We need to look at getting rid of time based punishments. Jayo is going to get an 8 week ban, half of which will be served during April a month which he is not supposed to have access to players anyway. A punishment should not be more or less effective depending on what time of year you get it.


Even though the minor physical interference was not dealth with?


The ref dealt with the matter. That he didn’t issue the correct card is not something that can be revisited.


This is all gas. The ref also dealt with the matter with Dermo but was then deemed not to have dealt with the matter … despite seeing everything that happened.

If Moran does not get a three month ban for interfering with the referee as under law then the ref clearly didn’t deal with the matter.


Strange scenario really obviously he noticed he was pushed but decided to punish verbals with the black.He basically saved morans bacon by issuing the black ,and dealing with it,no wonder he shook his hand.Can you imagine the meltdown if connolly had been given a black after review.


Doing nothing if there is a clear infraction of rule is not dealing with the matter. Deegan did something. Rightly or wrongly he cannot be second guessed. If you’re going to do that then you might as well play with no referee at all.


Do we actually know what he dealt with though?

There is a black card for verbals as far as I understand, is there a black card for putting hands on a referee? Has he said in his report that he gave a black card for the hands? Or did he say that he decided to take no action? Would that count as him dealing with it? If so, how does that differ with the Carlow situation?


So is Deegan’s response now suggesting handling/touching an official is only worthy of a black card now (Big implications would come along with that). All anyone is looking for is consistency.


They had no problem telling the officials in Portlaoise they were wrong.


Just a little recap here how it went down for DC

"Dublin footballer Diarmuid Connolly has been suspended for 12 weeks. In the early hours of Wednesday morning before the GAA’s Central Hearings Committee the player was found to have breached Rule 7.2 (b), category (V) (i) ‘Minor interference with a linesman’.

Connolly had been seen on live television pushing linesman Ciarán Branagan in Dublin’s Leinster quarter-final against Carlow. The infraction - defined as ‘laying a hand on, pushing, pulling or jostling’ - was mentioned in the report of referee Seán Hurson but not acted on during the match with the prescribed punishment of a red card."

Note “minor interference” . Andy definitely falls into this category.

In 2008 Paul Galvin got a red card & a 6 month ban ( reduced to 3 ) after the incident .
Something is not right about this at all…


Remonstrating with the ref is a black card so that must be what the ref thought Moran was doing.

Not sure what the definition of remonstrating is…abusive language with no minor physical interference?

Could it be argued that the ref dealt with the abusive language by giving the black card but did not deal with the minor physical interference as no red was given?


It’s all so ambiguous …until the punishment fits the crime.


I said this last year after Dermo incident. Brendan Murphy from Carlow got sent off in the same game, he continued to verbally abuse the same lineman that was involved with Dermo, it was live on TV and you could actually hear the abuse word for word.He received no further action, and actually got the sending off overturned, this was in breech of the exact same rule that Connolly got done on.