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How very dare you Sir ! :rage:

The 4 core ingredients of coddle are spuds, onions, sausages & streaky bacon.

(If the confused & bewildered amongst us, choose to add in carrots, tomatoes, lentils etc, that is between them and their therapists.)

I don’t know what Michelin chefs you have serving you your grub, but there ain’t nothing leftover-y about them.


PD I’ve been stung before on this…hell hath no fury than a Dubliner scorned over their grub…last time my name was changed to ‘UptheCoddle’. The shame of it still lives with me.

Now close to home my daughter and her friends thinking of going to the Holy Lands in Belfast for St Paddy’s day…

Hmmm…not too much holiness there today.


Food we had wasn’t riddled with an a-z of chemicals to keep them fresh. I blame the Best Before Dates…


I think the issues of good dietary advice for kids and the pointless elitism of under 13 and 14 development squads are slightly different.

Horan off to good start in my view…plain speaking and honest opinions.


The in-laws are retired farmers and I can’t can imagine them eating anything other than spuds with something.

And they’ll proabably be healthier than me when I hit their age.

So in sone ways nutritional advice for youngsters in football can be a good thing if it’s about promting food awareness.


Aye … in our day it was just dear Cilla and her blind dates … and plenty of sour milk and mouldy bread …


I don’t see that as a negative.
Educational nutrition at any age is a good thing. It’s a life skill.


Got stung there too. Looked her best before the dates - years later, look at her now… :zipper_mouth_face::confounded:


Except of course for Andy Moran.


Of course poor St. Andy did nothing :roll_eyes:


He got a black card for his actions.


Ref dealt with Dermo’s actions at the time but he still got the suspension.

At the end of the day putting your hands on/touching an official is a serious offence. Consistency is all I want to see


It is a bit double-standard-ish!


Ref said he didn’t deal with it in his report if I remember correctly?


So what’s the point in having these rules if they are not applied when clearly breached?


Fair enough - just wonder is it a bookable offence to get the slaps from a few carlow lads over a sideline ball ?




Will they write the ban on A3 paper, roll it up and beat Jason with it? Or was there no need for the word HIT in that head line? Christ, the Indo is a puke inducing rag.


How does this ban work, is it just snr games r will it affect his minor managers job.


Blockquote According to the Irish Daily Star, the CCCC are set to charge Sherlock under Rule 7.2 © Category IIa: ‘Any type of physical interference with an opposing team player or team official’.

The infraction carries a minimum suspension of eight weeks.


I assum the instigator from Galway will get the same 8 week ban for interfering with CK in the same incident