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he is plucking some hope out of it

I saw enough in the first 35 minutes not to throw in the towel about this team, and their chances of toppling the Dubs later in the year

and, no Eoin, this isnt a backhanded compliment at all, at all

you could say Dublin are way stronger than us, way more physical than us, way better than us

yes, but you didnt. even after a 12 point defeat.


I think the problem is that they were actually really trying against us, so it’s harder to shrug off as only being the league.


the only thing they really tried was to beat us up. tralee, league final, two matches against mayo, mayo again this year and now us again. you can see what the idea is.

the problem is that it has only worked once and yesterday we negated it totally.


Another interesting thing yesterday in comparison to the mayo match was we buried them . There was no directive to ease off unlike the mayo match . However about Mayo , I think Jim wants the foot on the neck of the Kerry throat .And reading McCarthys interview I think they were pissed off losing to Kerry in the league final which is good .


I love seeing that big plank suffer. He has to have the handiest number in at the opinion pieces. He is the Kerry print version of Wille joes blog.


We are the Borg, resistance is futile. According to Jolly.

The Borg


That’s us fooked so.


Could be wrong but I dont think Ewan has been on last word since his stabbing liking brainfart.


Won’t be long before Joe has gone full circle and is telling everyone why and how Kerry will save football by beating Dublin in the All Ire


Nah, he isn’t due back till the Monday after we win something.


Not sure if this was posted


Horan sounds like a man with much needed ideas and enthusiasm and unafraid of plain speaking…while revamping AIF into tiered systems will be tough, if he can cut back some of the IC development squads, that’ll be huge work on its own …clipboard manufacturers your days are numbered


I’ll believe it when I see it.

Lads of 14 now having sessions with dieticians and nutritionists :thinking:


Jaysus give him a chance Alan … have an auld pint of positivity the odd night …


Nothing wrong with dieticians for younger kids. We had some lads playing senior for us now that only ate chipper food when they were young teenagers. Anything that can promote better musculoskeletal development is to be admired I feel.


Alan has a good point here.

The biggest danger for dieticians in Dublin football is that it’ll inevitably mean the banning of your local delicacy…da Coddle.

And we all know a dub isn’t a true dub without thon concoction of left overs that the rest of us wouldn’t touch.


Do we really need dieticians? How did anyone avoid obesity without then? Could it have been parents??



BD…the clue is in the name…LONELY planet.

It’s written by a bunch of fellas with no friends, no girl friends, wear Iron Maiden shirts and never been to a restaurant. Rest my case.


You’re right.

If you look back at what you ate as a kid growing up…compared to what your own kids might eat…I’d say your diet was much healthier.

Part of that was down to money (or lack of), not as much fast food outlets and people back then cooking practical home dinners.

Always remember as a kid coming home to soups and stews - cheap but healthy.