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Sheedy would be a great choice.

Wouldn’t be too optimistic if it were the one of the other two.


If a certain one gets it the Stones will be doing 30 gigs in a row …



These color pieces are all well and good but God forbid Irish sports media would actually analyze the teams and tactics and match.


I would agree, especially now when all the info is readily available online for the sports journalist. Short sound bites and anecdotes seem all the rage and then possibly throw in an insult or two if you have a quiet week and might need to up your profile.


I think I enjoy reading that kind of article rather than what passes for analysis these days which is usually based on unlikely suppositions and wishful thinking.


I actually enjoyed that. A Kerry man explaining our success because of all the graft… yeah that’s a good read.


Watching “Allianz League Sunday”.
Joanne Cantwell’s opening line “The snow is gone but the people’s game is back”.

A little dig at her colleagues in the rugby department?


Yep, there’s a real sense of the RTÉ GAA gang putting the boot into the rugby fraternity lately on twitter etc! Evan NiChuillan is liking a few similar tweets too!



Kerry are rebuilding. if they could bring through a bunch of minors and beat the all ireland champions then it’d be more worrying.


Throughout that barren spell from 95-11 I never thought I’d see articles like that about us. Oh how sweet it is and all the more so with us more or less having our foot on the Yerras throat since then giving them what they gave us for 30 odd years up until 2011 :grin:


Enjoy them and enjoy them well. This won’t last forever. But like yourself did you ever imagine back in 2011 that this was to come?


Granted kerry are a team in transition and are possibly more focused on 2019 than anything else but they are displaying all the traits of a county setup in panic mode trying to fix everything at once. If they continue into champo without a semblance of a very good team, then possibly Galway will become the great white hope of 2019 to scupper the Dubs.


Had a nice Kerry lady sitting bedside me yesterday. At the end she mentioned the 4 in a row … I assured her we had no interest in that … and that we want five!


True. Maybe this is only natural, maybe it’s my blue-tinted specs but the clamour for someone - anyone - to put the clamps on us at this stage is palpable. Kerry had been seen as the green & gold cavalry coming over the hill - 'til yesterday. It says a lot about the ability of the national media to analyse when having focused so much on Clifford initially only to soon realise that the O’Se at ctr-forward was bringing more initially to their game.

I even saw an article on Saturday where one of their AI team of '97 thought the young colts coming through this year was similar to events in 1975. Odd kinda talk to becoming out of Kerry. Now, I’d expect Kerry to come good with time, but it’s not like their former players to big-up their potential.

Their uneasiness at the current situation grows. Great, isn’t it? :sunglasses:


Ah poor Bomber, living through his version of the end of the Apocaplyse.


Kerry lose to Galway and Monaghan - Its ok its part of the rebuilding process, three year plan, kids.

Kerry lose to dublin - panic stations, hyped doom, wont someone stop dublin, bitter on the last word talking about financial doping.


He is or will be?


dont know, but i would doubt it. hell be waitin to see if we win the league.

a league BTW that clearly looks like only two teams - dublin and Galway - are interested in winning. not that the GAA media hype addicts can spot that…