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They have decent participation at schools level in Leinster, it’s after school the participating drops off a cliff. The rest of the country less so outside limerick & cork.


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In my humble opinion Rugby is a game for failed GAA footballers, the lads who may have been carrying a bit too much timber to be agile enough to play inter-county. Add into that mix the fact that they cannot catch a ball over their heads despite it been thrown to them and they being 6ft 6" and being lifted by two blokes who are equally as big. Finally the bish bash bosh nonsense you get with the wax coat wearing Rugger bugger fraternity how in the name of jaysus is this the peoples sport, utter Vile Nugent esque nonsense


Always amazed me how someone who weighs about 20 stone could be termed an “athlete”.


Vile Nugent… Brilliant.


This pretty much dismantles the notion


Not even in the top 15. Bit everyone has an opinion on 6 Nations, well I don’t cause I never watch it.


There was an earlier/more detailed report which showed club membership & volunteers levels and that’s where the GAA was streets ahead.

Sometimes participation surveys are slightly misleading. Like, going for a walk once a week for 20 minutes or playing five a side every fortnight, is considered the same as someone jogging 5 nights a week.

So leasure pursuits like swimming/walking/golf always rank really highly in these surveys.


But it’s really big on social media :roll_eyes:


This is also how social media companies make millions. BS stats on hits that can be exaggerated - a scroll down given as a hit etc. Polls the same - making thousands and for what?!?!? A lot of it is self perpetuating too. There’s a lot of gullible people out here.


Could not agree more. Facebook’s absolutely hype their stats. Their current best one is “Video Views” they count a video as viewed after 3 seconds … so people post a two minute video and facebook tells them everyone who scrolls past the video has watched it. You couldn’t make it up. I have sat in meetings with social media ‘gurus’ saying “25,000 people watched your video, it so great man, yea!” so when i say “then why did we only get 5 likes”. and “actually only 3% of people watched it till the end and only 10 of them had audio switched on” … that fairly puts them back in their box. Noting like a social media manager to cherry pick stats and facebook is not shy about arming them with overcooked stats to use.


Loada horseshit just to get attention for their outlet. As well as the inherent arrogance of the Irish rugger frat.


I know that unidare were or maybe still are trying to establish a foothold in ballymun, and there was some other club (or just the IRFU) sending coaches into Donaghmede a few years ago - neither rugby strongholds.

same down here, thurles are active enough in looking for youth players, and roscrea RFC sent flyers to the local primary schools looking for players although we are not in roscrea, so they are being active enough in the youth age groups. fall off over 13 is massive though, although one lad got as far as a munster development squad. even bigger fall off at 18 i think as there is only nenagh in the national league the other two are junior clubs. I deliberatly not counting roscrea (ciscertans) school in this.


Ha - Jaysus that brings back a memory. I was at an Xmas party years ago and went for a Gravediggers cure on the way home … fairly early on a Saturday. The lads from Unidare were there (that’s a mouthful!) - can’t remember whether they were on the lash or had a match postponed. Anyway we had a great bit of banter with them trying to cajole 6’ 4" me into becoming the Northside’s answer to Paul O’Connell. They must’ve been desperate because I reckon I looked more like something out of Thriller than a rugby player.


Think it’s a bit harsh slagging players who can’t catch the ball over there head. It’s generally not required so is coached out to an extent.

Same with American football, when a ball breaks loose lads can’t pick the ball up off the ground.

You got to look at the compromise rules. Our lads can’t kick the ball over the bar when the environment changes.

As for rugby don’t mind it as a game. Would generally watch the 6 nations games against Wales England and France. But have missed two of those three games on the tv so far.


You expect us to believe that last line?


I may have to withdraw it myself as I just read that the word gullible has been removed from the Oxford English dictionary


Rugby is just big rich kids running into each other

Work with a big huge rich kid, he’s as dense as he’s tall (and he’s very tall)
Asked him if he was going to a leaving do after work for one of his pals and he said he wasn’t because he had a rugby match the next day, while he smoking a fag with a ned kelly that’s hanging over his belt

Some f**king athlete alright


Independent reporting the three in line for the DG job are Liam O’Neill, current financial director Tom Ryan and former Tipp manager Liam Sheedy.

If one of the first two get it expect things to get worse. Sheedy I’m not sure about.