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If the jobs were here I am sure more would stay at home. Sadly economic life or reality trumps sporting life.


No but the sight of ex GAA football players running around the aviva when no leinster county outside of Dublin is competetive wont have gone unnoticed by the likes of John Horan.


Cork is a huge county indeed, the largest geographically followed by galway and Mayo in third. In Mayo we have roughly 50 clubs and honestly it will be less than that in 5 years with amalgamations.


Simply because it is.


I see it the other way, they everyone outside dublin (almost) has the chance to play GAA growing up (if they have any interest in sport). So a tiny number of the elite players then goto rugby. Not going to change the fortunes of a county. Rubbish structures have much more of an effect.


As Leinster chairman back in 2016 John introduced an extra €1.5 in coaching funding for the Leinster ‘commuter’ counties.


Ye But having local leinster club players playing pro and for ireland is bound to have a positive effect regarding kids joining rugby clubs.


Possibly. But the chances of making it are slim. There are so few clubs who wants to drive 20-30 miles to the local rugby club when they can play soccer/hurling/football down the road. and a lot of people don’t think rugby is for little johnny because it is so damn rough.

Rugby’s recruitment is helped by the low skill level required. They can recruit lads at a late age and they can still make international grade. Look at the women’s game. you have gaelic footballer taking the sport up in their 20s and making the international team.


OMG I can’t believe you said that. Shocking. To all our female readers (1) I can only apologise. This forum does not support or condone sexism or misogyny and is an equal opportunity entity.


ha! … john hayes took Rugby up at 18. so it’s not that different to the men’s game.


I don’t remember him playing for the women’s team?!


5 countries play for a club competition and the winner calls itself European champions .Go figure.


It’s akways a good indicator of rugby is how the average supporter, pundit and even player take defeats - they are never devastated - a million miles from the way our friends in Mayo would be after losing a final .

Rugby lads at all levels give complements to the victor and head off for the dinner/pint circuit . I think most rugby supporters are in at for the Privilege/ pissup

I actually like schools rugby better - at least there is a bit of tribalism there


Easy for you to say. Try getting hit with a hush puppy outside Kiely’s some afternoon …


I get more joy watching my dog do a sh…t out in the back garden than watching the Irish soccer team.


Rugby has definitely improved its appeal in Ireland and isn’t as elitist as it used to be. A lot of the points they made on RTÉ were good points, they just took their argument way too far.


How’s that?


Succinctly put.


Self-aggrandising knobs.

Almost as bad as hurling people.


Totally agree it seems to me like a game designed to let everyone play,all shapes and sizes.sometimes I watch the forwards on tv trying to run during training or while being subbed during a game and it looks like a real struggle.often you hear the commentators marvel at a piece of skill by a pro rugby player that would be expected from a junior club footballer.But each to their own I suppose but it would be interesting to see leinster youth club rugby participation rates v leinster juvenile gaelic football participation rates over last 10 years.