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All rubbish. Everyone knows Cricket is our game…


This is typical of Irish sports media. they think a successful team means that everyone loves that sport and has given up all other sport. They always mistake a bandwagon to mean more than it really does. We’re three wins into the six nations and they’re losing the run of themselves again. 200 rugby clubs v 2,000 GAA clubs. More people play basketball then rugby ffs. In terms of playing numbers soccer and five as side beats rugger hands down.


Cheltenham!! There’ll be plenty of “people” watching that. And I’ll be one of them. Every race, every day. Majestic.


Unbelievably arrogance been shown here but not a surprise as the rugby media are beyond belief n up there own arses they are not even able to analyse de game or bring perspective to Ireland in rugby terms … this is right up there with WC bid “ ours to lose “ and no grand slam in waiting … we have won 3 games we weee expected to win ( despite themselves ) and no more but I would be surprised they messed it up as they always tend to do …

Rugby in Ireland does deserve credit for its rise on n off the field since professionalism but to suggest its “
Rugby country “ is just establishment looking up their own holes n seeing their private suns.


They have done well in the transition to pro. well, they’ve got competitive provinces and the national team is doing better than before. the club game is said to be a bit of a mess with grassroot clubs fielding a lot fewer teams then before (anecdotally).

Remember when munster were in their pomp and cork hurling was not doing all that well and you’d hear lads saying hurling in cork city was dead blah blah blah. Living beside a park in cork city i see 26,341 hurleys to 1 rugby ball. youglads, student, auld fellas, girls and women with hurleys. (The number of girls/women is astonishing) only see the very occasional bunch of students with a rugby ball. Since then Cork city clubs have contested the last 4 county finals winning 3 of them. You didn’t used to be able to move without seeing munster flags and jerseys, whereas now it’s noteworthy when you do, because you see so few. Would see more Barr’s jerseys around here TBH. As quick as a bandwagon starts it will disappear. Look at the soccer team, a hint of success and we all “best fans in the world” when we are doing terrible the aviva is hard enough to fill.

Bandwagon does not = a sport is thriving.


I reckon the fall off rate in rugby at 14/15/16 is phenomenal. A lot of this ‘early life’ rugby is status chasing by parents.


There are more people playing golf every week than play rugger, the article and the piece on tv are just the populist nonsense these overblown windbags come out with every year.
Rugby is and always will be a niche sport in this country, and it boils their piss to know this


100% correct.

The fall off is incredible once lads don’t make the school team.

I don’t know a single person who really cares about the Irish rugby team bar the Da, who is into all sports.


My nephew is 13 played in portumna up 2 u12 then team disbanded as there wasnt enough teams in east galway and they were put in a league playing teams from Clare and west galway.He plays hurling and it always came first.Rugby country my a**e



I am a bandwagon supporter when it comes to Irish rugby and soccer teams. I reckon the vast majority are.

These lads are smoking the funny stuff if they think rugby is the people’s game. Pass through any Irish town or village and there it is standing proud…the local GAA pitch. The GAA is intertwined in the social fabric of every Irish community like nothing else.


Soccer is very popular in Dublin . There are parts of Dublin where gaa is non existent. Amongst the working class it’s no 1. Ddsl is a big league.


Indeed - but a lot of Dublin clubs have massive issues trying to get pitches for training and playing and it will only get worse. Ultimately what may bring down the blue juggernaut is the lack of countrification in the sprawling metropolis … building homes for all them Mayo and Kerry lads …


Against The Head is an RTE show, the national channel who don’t even show Ireland rugby games. Did the panel forget that?

If an Ireland rugby game is on I’ll watch it, but if TG4 have GAA at the same time that’s where I will be.


Well me too , I don t think rugby is the people’s game but soccer is still a more popular game in Dublin at least I think.


The comments are even funnier…"“middle class people are people too”.
That’s debateable!


I dont know the stats but id say Rugby has grown in leinster.There seems to be strong youth leagues.There seems to be alot of internationals coming through leinster clubs carbbury,Furlong, o brien and henshaw.I would say this is the only area where it could be seen as making inroads to GAA around midlands/kildare.I would say GAA will act on this in the coming years as the decline in leinster football outside dublin is clear. In Dublin rugby will always be seen as being elitist with schools system.


It’s astonishing driving around cork, every tiny village has a pitch and club house. Was a real eye opener to me when i first moved down. a few rugby clubs as well but cork has about 200 GAA clubs, about as many as there are rugby clubs in the whole country. says it all really.


Not necessarily anything to do with rugby though.


It’s actually the biggest sport in limerick as well, no matter how much the rugger lads harp on about rugby in limerick.