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Blue Weather warning regarding this beast from the east.


Kildare … storied tradition? Me arse …


Storied mercenary trad


He did say we had a couple of scumbags in the team , but later clarified that he really meant toerags .


That’s a compliment when uttered by an OSé


Reading positives into this league campaign for Dublin makes as much sense as reading negatives into last years. Last year we had a slightly less experienced team out and more guys trying to prove their case. They did well to go through the league unbeaten (until the final). I wasn’t worried last year, and I am not jumping with joy over this years. The true form came to the fore last year when they played some of the teams they struggled against in the league in the championship.

What is interesting is where the other teams are at. Mayo have resisted the urge to go back to the drawing board to finally get them over the line. And they are right, they possibly don’t have alternatives and if they did a massive redesign it could bring them right back down again.

Kerry do seem to have been affected by the defeat to Mayo last year and are more open to changes now. This could go either way for them, but I suspect in the short term, it might not be good. Kerry don’t have the richest seam of talent out there as the article says, if they did they would be the AI U21 champions now, and they aren’t. They weren’t even beaten by the eventual winners.



martin breheny over the snowy weekend engaged in some stretching exercises to keep warm.

The football championship is not competitive, he says. Only three or four teams maybe really only two in it.

Now, hurling, he says. sure the Hurling is leaving the football way behind. loads of teams can win the liam, you dont need to buy the liam, its the bastion of pure GAA-dom. Real Geals. Sure Galway, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Clare can win it!! Maybe even Dublin!!

Poor Martin, snowed in and unable to get his meds. Another casualty of storm emma.


so it was tipp or kilkenny for years.
or kilkenny and cork.
or kilkenny and Galway.

Good man martin.


and, you know, the connaught and ulster hurling championships have been wide open for decades.

and really it hasnt been “or” Galway since the 80’s. Tipp, KK, Cork and a few others lucking it out in the 90’s and then with Clare and Galway this decade (which is almost over).


For decades in hurling Galway played ONE hurling game a year to reach a final. Every third year they were guaranteed a final appearance as they played the Ulster champions.

Martin is a doom merchant. Wonder will he be so concerned if (god help us) Galway footballers start winning all Ireland’s and the hurlers (who I like and hope they win more) win a few more…


The problem in Connaught is that the rest of the counties paid lip service to the Hurlers for years and did nothing to keep the provincial championship going…


Agree with all of that except the every third year point (Galway playing Ulster champions every third year). I’m not sure how far back you’re referencing but from the early/mid 70’s (if not further back) up until the mid 80’s Galway played the Munster or Leinster champions in alternate years in an All-Ireland semi-final. The Leinster and Munster champions received a bye to the final, again in alternate years. When the Ulster champions started contesting All-Ireland semi-finals it was either against the Leinster or Munster champions, never Galway.


That goes back to historical trends. Any healing is popular imminent county and not another I don’t know? Only recently have Dublin made inroads in hurling and the crowds are still small compared to football.


well, yes.

assuming autocorrect is having a laugh, the blame is the GAA’s own.

an organisation set up 134 years ago which seemed to have pressed the pause button on where football and hurling was strong/where dual counties were and have done sod all since to change it.


Not GAA article, but what do you make of this and Egg chasing been the ‘Peoples Game’


I’ll be honest , I get more joy out of watching the Irish rugby team than the soccer team . Simply because we are competive. Bandwagon jumper here & won’t deny it . What percentage of the country plays rugby , like schools , clubs , etc .There certainly wasn’t a local rugby team when I grew up nor did we have a team in school . Now I’m along way out of that so I’m not sure if most schools have rugby teams from a non rugby area / culture. Maybe our resident teachers can answer that or parents with kids .
Are there rugby teams in most schools now ?


But I wouldn’t call it the peoples game now would you? I would of thought GAA and followed by soccer as been more popular than Rugby, I could of course be wrong as I don’t watch Rugby in any capacity.


All subjective I suppose , no I wouldn’t call it the people’s . But people who hate the gaa will say soccer is the people’s game considering the support we give it to teams throughout the world . Like I’ve no gra for hurling really but they will tell you it’s far better & pure than the football & call the football awful .
I suppose if they are talking from supporting an Irish international team , they might have a shout but I’m not from a rugby culture so it’s certainly not my game


Total boll&&&s.