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Aul bitter has donned the tin foil hat again against the GAA Congress.

Whilst I agree that the motion on voting transparency was and is a positive one, aul bitters line about how the GAA is attacking journalism (ie him in his crusade against Dublin) is getting interesting. Won’t be long before we have his “independent GAA coverage” on the you tube


This a dig at Costello ?


My thoughts exactly… But that’s a bit ‘tin foil hat’ for me.


No, further up. Top level. It’s a long running theme.


Has there been any examples of this from the gaa ?


Journos believe that they are as, if not more important than the players or anyone else.

They are entitled to full access to EVERYTHING, as and where their copy deadlines desire don’t you know!


Not just the GAA. Kieran Cunningham from the Star being all Pissy this morning about Heaslip because he has most Journalists blocked on Twitter



an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.


In reality?


In fantasy land?


Do they employ journalists?


Ballina is probably Mayo’s roughest town…the hardy bucks had it off to a tee :wink:


They have an unreal sense of entitlement and Egos to match it seems to be part of the job requirments.Sometimes listen to paper review on OTB some of the self congratulations is funny, some of them are unreal its like they think they are wasted doing sport and should be going for the booker prize.


It was interesting on the rugby review show, they were debating whether or not to call the stadium Lansdowne Road, or the Aviva. They have their knickers in a twist about Joe Schmidt’s current standoff with the print media…kinda along the lines of, if he does not feel under an obligation to fulfill his “duties” towards the media, than they are under no obligation to refer to the sponsors name for the stadium.


Matt cooper calling it Landsdowune Road last week very noticible.


The rugby journos are even further up their own rectii than the normal journo which is also quite a distance …


Rugby Jounralists… ■■■■ that would nearly rather read my oul mucker Ewan. But Neil Francis loves himself doesnt he… his piss take wikipedia page was funny. Its pulled down now but ya can read what was on it here.


I always find the waxing lyrical rugby journalists do about a game bears no resemblance to what I’ve watched on the pitch.


Personally I’m quite happy with that. Schmidt doesn’t owe the print journalists any special access and journalists shouldn’t be using sponsors names when referring to stadiums.


Francis is ROCK with a few extra grey matter. I actually think he might be the reincarnation of Oscar Wilde. I dislike him less than I do COS, because he is actually funny, OS is just a prat.


I wouldn’t say he has a motivation, he is just saying it as he sees it. It’s hard to see anything good about the Cork county team at the moment.