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Thing is Al, there wasn’t a single untrue thing in what TO’S said about Cork. And what’s more, people in Cork acknowledged it to be true. Harsh, but true. Which counts for a lot, with that crowd. They (the players) got their knickers in a twist enough to put it up to Kerry for one game. Just one. Then it was back to business as usual for them. The intervening years have proven what he said to be even more true now, than they were a couple of years ago, when he first opened his gob.


Tomas engages his brain before commentating , Dara does not . But maybe Tomas is more concerned about what people think of him where as Dara does not .


Think T o shea article was brilliant n it was not yerra yerra … it was v genuinely written I feel n he does have an admiration n respect for Dublin

We can’t have it both ways … someone critics us and don’t like it … someone praises us and it’s questionable motive …

O Se has been consistent on this and of course if the guardians were to beat us he would be overjoyed as he shud be


Since moving to Cork, I wonder how is T O Sé finding Nemo?


Easily enough I believe beeko -doesnt even need sat nav any more


Surprised you know anything about what his Dad thinks?? Paidi OSe was his uncle!


This pic says it all for me, not only of how great cluxton is but also how much of a person Tomás Ó Sé is and not only in good times.


Agree. Couldn’t see any other Kerry player doing that. For me its was great a champion passing the mantle onto another. I like Tomas. Yes he says a lot of nice sugary stuff about us. But I like to think that its genuine and as a football man he knows this Dublin team is the real deal. He was an outstanding player the played on a brilliant Kerry team with other outstanding players so I think he knows what it takes. Great pic. And when our time comes I hope one of the Dublin players could be as gracious in defeat. I think they will.


Don’t forget he is still playing, and will be playing an all Ireland final St. Patrick’s day. I think he is in and around 40yrs old so no mean achievement.


OSe talked about this in his article. Said that he gave it to Cluxton because he was nearest Dublin player to him not because of anything to do with winning free. Also mentioned phone call from Cluxton the following week to tell OSe there was no disrespect meant in kicking ball away. OSe was impressed with call and confirmed that he had no issue whatsoever.

I like Tomás OSe. Was one of the greatest h,f backs I’ve ever seen and think he’s decent knowledgeable character in his role as pundit.


Yeah, I remember hearing the story being told on radio some time back. I think the picture and the story behind typify what’s great about GAA , when players from the two greatest footballing counties display such character.


I like him as well but just thought he was a bit dismissive of Kildare the other week.They might be struggling in Division 1 but at least they got promoted.


I agree with nearly everything people say about Tomás. I think some misinterpret what I said about how he deals with us. I agree with those who suggest he may simply want to be heard to say ‘the right thing’ about us but I think that’s also because he is the sort of person who likes to go against ‘the popular view’ which of course has been to knock us.
And another thing about him, you can bet he won’t shirk saying harsh things about his own county.
I stand by what I said about the brutal honesty re-Cork, doesn’t matter how ‘true’ it may be, anybody else would have been pulled up on speaking that way on national TV about amateur players, it’s just not right. He should/could simply have had a go at the county board and those who organise and run the teams to some extent, who are not front line to the public. And it was also a timely tirade, as somebody else pointed out, just before they played Kerry.


What I like about Tomás Ó Sé (and his uncle) is that I reckon they didn’t play the game to win handy games and a few handier All-Irelands but that they played the game knowing they’d agonisingly lose some very close big games along the way in order to win a few of those same close games and that those hard-fought victories were the sweetest of all, yet they remained humble and gracious, regardless of the result.


I always read his articles heaps a lot of praise on the Dubs, his brother dara wouldn’t be as kind to us


Would totally agree. On another note, you made the trip west yesterday, did you overnight it or day trip and was there much banter or craic around ? .


yeah, stayed in Ballina, done a few different pubs and watched the rugby there and had good craic with a few mayo lads, mind you there was a couple of boozers we went into and ye wouldn’t let the hardiest of bowsies gargle in them, I drank in some rough shops but these would get into the premier league of bowsieville


Good to hear you made it back in one piece. Had the pleasure of ballina a couple of times myself, stayed in the downhill I think, the name I felt was quite apt. even though it wasn’t at the bottom of a hill.



I like that one. New addition to my vocabulary.


its the kind of place that ye can have yer ups and downs