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Keep up the good work Ewan, every week when you go fishing you catch the same bunch on here.
They never let let you down and re tweet everything you say. They are your oxygen.


Couldn’t be ar**d reading anything by him


One of the best teams ever won’t be forgotten in his lifetime. Sorry trollface.


Hey don’t diss the original dynamic duo! They had plenty of great moments and when they met a McSpew type of their time (as seen in the film Below Zero) Stan summed it up memorably in his best condescending voice as, “ignore him…just one of the lower…elements!”


At it again with the Rugby. Someone pointed out to him about Karl O’Dwyer playing for Kildare. But that’s different according to himself :roll_eyes:

He’s one very bitter man. Christ could you imagine being stuck on a long haul flight between him and Kimmage


Succinctly put.


For me, it’s one of the most satisfying aspects of the game. The composure shown to draw Mayo out onto us & then to get to the launchpoint of another attack into their half through Scully. Close to 90 seconds of incredible nerve above & beyond the 6 minutes of injury time. Phenomenal.

Have I done enough to take us away from talkin’ of, ya know, yer man? :wink:


So as predictable as the return of the swallow, Independent has its back to sweetness dubs article after the bitter muck they ran with earlier from Brazil baby. A piece by Tomás Ó Sé on the greatness of Clucko. It’s beyond me to read the article, post a link or do anything that I feel gives that paper any support.


And telling us all about an article most of us will probably go and read is not supporting the paper?


Well I thought putting it in " my " context was being fair, let people make up their own mind after that. I don’t believe it’s right to just ignore and pretend it’s not out there and I’m not in favour of censuring on behalf of others, let people make their own choice. When you assume most will properly go and read, that’s just your assumption and bears no relavance to my post.


That’s the indo trying to show ‘balance’. Though I like o’se The best of the lot of them and he is not even a journalist. McKenna a so called journalist is poison.


In fairness to Ó Sé, he doesn’t have the need to insult the best to ingratiate himself with the rest. Having played at the top he has a full understanding and appreciation of what it takes to be at Dublins level.


Agree. I have a lot of time for him.


Thought he was very disrespectful of Kildare recently on league Sunday.


Who Tomás? Was this the face he pulled over their tactics?


Do you object to a media outlet being balanced?


I suppose you could say that, I found it more of an honest reaction, than an intent to offend.


Absolutely not, No do you? What I do have an issue is how a journalist can be behave under the umbrella of ‘these are my personal opinions and not the organizations I penn for’. So let’s take MacKenna for example he engages people, Dublin supporters on twitter as if he is at bar, slags off Gavin and debases Dublin’s senior footballers achievements as artificial and financially doped but yet we have to accept that him as the other side of the coin or the ‘balance’. I want a balanced debate with both sides debating the merits of their argument without the baggage or alterior motives. I think that’s fair no?


I think TOSé is assuming the traditional grand role of killing with kindness. And I always liked him too. But has he EVER said a bad word about Dublin since he started comment etc? Not that I recall. That’s not to say he intends ill will but he’s like his father, old school, and generally honourable. Now his brother DOSé, he’s not like his dad. He’s bitter. And a surprising bit twisted.
Id say Marc is the brains of the 3. D is a bit thick.
Tomás was very disparaging of Cork football the last couple of years. Harshly so for amateurs. Given he plays there you’d wonder what the motivation is…


Do you not think that Dara may just be more honest whereas Tomas prefers the yerra approach maybe?