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This week he has hated on the dubs, the Winter Olympics, the Olympic movement, the World Cup and Irish rugby.

Does he like sport? Maybe he wants to be…



He just hates. He can’t be happy. He is a miserable ■■■■. He has though ramped up his engagement with dubs fans with real venom since the whole j coops tweet. One of these days he will loose it and hopefully it will be enough to get the fucker banned of twitter which is really his oxygen.

Though I read his article and the fact that he managed to drag in heffos name as one of his boring fucking stats - if the guy stood in front of me I’d shove his midnight cowboy hat where the sun don’t shine.


It’s very hard to get kicked off twitter.

I missed the heffos babe bit, but I tend to glaze over when reading bitters pornography.


He gives us a mention in one of the replies :grin:


The Heffo mention is very innocuous enough but for me in the context of his article it’s a sneer to negate Dublin


Care to post a screen grab because I truly believe the muppet was reading the whole mayo thing on here


Can’t believe we still talk about him on here.


He had a right go at moorfeild after they were beaten last week by Corafin on the kildare forum -what ever about having a pop at IC teams - and got called out on it by the locals , the weasel didn’t respond to any of them or apoligise.


He’s glued to the screen seeing if he gets a mention. Us discussing him here is providing him with oxygen. If you have to do it leave it to the lounge area of the site where his nibs cant see it and get his jollies from it

Or better still


Keep going Ewan, I’m almost there…


Seems to be referring to the site in a sneery way because the chap called him/the article boring


I’ll tell ya the fucker is nuts pure nuts it will be the undoing of him


He gets discussed on here more than the Dublin football team at this stage.


Disagree he gets discussed more than the mayo gaa team then Dublin…


Maybe we’re stuck in a feedback loop.

Bitter posts bitter stuff->we react->bitter says on social media he doesn’t understand why dubs hate him, then insults dub support->we post about it and click on link to bitter posts bitter stuff->we react…

We are a Dublin gaa forum so we comment on what pundits say about Dublin gaa but 90% of that is unremarkable. However there are those who never post positive stuff about us so they get a lot more reaction.

We certainly wouldn’t kiss the arse of any pundit for being positive about us, like mayoblog are doing over bitters latest article. That’s far worse.


Which is precisely the reason they do it. People give him/them what they want.


The more we ignore him the closer he gets. It’s war!


I have been sucked in. Goodnight and god bless


You lucky sod