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'And this Mayo will be remembered by man- especially by those who recall how year after year they were involved in many classics and went toe to toe with a financially doped team’.

Jesus wept this poor lad needs help! It’s gone beyond being funny anymore. I genuinely think he’s become so obsessed with us winning that’s he can’t see past the sentence highlighted above. Poor guy, it must be terrible living this way.


That comment alone lessens the hurt in his mind over our success . It’s the only way he can deal with it .


Don’t anyone point out to him, that Mayo spent more on their senior footballers last year, than we did on ours, or his head will explode ! :rofl:


But , but there was a huge amount spent on travel expenses…


Yeah…money that they still had and spent…


Some great replies


And the more oxygen he is given on forums like this the longer he’ll be around.

Honestly his articles don’t even warrant reading or debating.

I’m disappointed to see him given the air time again here.


Jesus Wept


Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent!


I’d say they’ll spend most of it this year on jax roll an Kleenex’s


Eh…when exactly does he think a team that won 5 All Ireland’s in 7 years is going to be "forgotten ???

This is a team with genuine pretensions to being called the greatest of all time. Not what he had for breakfast, where he left his car keys, or his (long suffering) wife’s birthday. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


He seems to genuinely live for all this mutual reach around stuff with a certain cohort on twatter, its an orgy of self congratulatory virtual high fiveing.


I remember fondly the Kerry team that lost two All Ireland’s to Tyrone . Courageous , honest , cheated out of two wins .


i wouldnt wipe my hoop with the paper his nonsense is written on,


well, i’d say more people remember laurel and hardy than cecil b. demille.


i dunno… i think three in a row is a fairly memorable thing. he aint called bitter for nothing.


A two in a row is a memorable thing. The fact we’ve done three and could possibly do more is amazing.


He is nobody. He is nothing.


Yup the Galatians knew how to spot a spoofer


I’ve changed my mind , ban the fucker !