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Keith is playing with the hurlers only for the league but will play championship for the footballers. Rumours are always amplified when it comes to all things Mayo.


TBF, old bitter has a valid point about the shite AOS got about that NFL thing and the autographs stuff. the rest…


Actually it gets better every year for me, a deeper satisfaction, and a joy that the greatness of winning Sam hasn’t stopped, that the great days haven’t ended, that this team/squad have given us yet another great year in so many ways but epitomised by winning Sam so that no amount of begrudgery can touch it. In fact that very bitterness makes the joy all the deeper, and sweeter.

To have seen the group of players and management from 2009 til now (and some before that) continue to lay down a legacy that grows every year and to have achieved what we so believed they should do is a deep joy that only we can truly appreciate, after the lads themselves. Nothing will ever take from it now.


i cant see the indo literally saying hey, bitter, do you want to do a wind up again on the dublin supporters? I’d say they just asked him to do a colour article on mayo and that was what they got. I’m not sure they even subbed it. I’d say if he was writing an article about Clare footballers he’d mention dublin and then acts all surprised on twitter about the reaction.

must be lonely out there.


absolutely. if we win 50 in a row i will enjoy the 50th as much as the second, the third, the fifth, the 17th , the 34th, the 47th etc.


Ah of course , all of them have been great , but the shear joy of '11 hasn’t been matched for me . Just the whole finally getting over the line after so many years , the relief more than anything else .
'15 was special for me though as I’d never been in attendance for us beating Kerry in a final .


Actually looking back it was all too much to take in at the time, and then everything went so fast from then til things went off in 2012. Suddenly it hit hard that this great thing could be so transient. To some extent again after 2014. So every time since then I’ve taken the time to appreciate every single moment of every game (of course almost all have been wins or not losing) and especially the biggest games in summer, and then all the weeks and months after til the biggest games come around again. To soak in every moment, and everything (including the bitters) that focuses just how much it means.
I still treat every game like it’s a final to be honest, a mini final for most of them. It’s always a pleasure and an honour to see our teams play.


I’m a bit of an odd ball (shurrup… :crazy_face: ) but 2013 does it for me.

I guess it proved (if proof we’re needed) that 2011 wasn’t a once off, fluke win, where we got lucky. 2013 was proof that this was a team of Dubs for the ages & they were here to stay.

I know that no right minded Dubs thought that, but maybe the preceeding 2 years of Kerry whinging about being robbed, about our being lucky, the ref etc etc spoilt the achievement of 2011 in a way.

But winning again in 2013, proved that 2011 wasn’t the fluke that the Kerry Media Mafia brainwashed everyone into thinking it was. Does that make sense, or is it just me?

Ok. Just me then…:thinking:


It’s great that people have different wins that mean something to them. I’ve more fondness for that '13 semi than the final .
'15 for me because I think it’s the only final where we battered a team & should have blown them out if it.
If the weather had of been better we would have murdered Kerry that day I think .


He criticises irish Rugby, Katie Taylor and Dublin. Yet he raves about Mayo. Says it all. Being a contrarian is a simple but miserable existence.

He’s a troll. nothing more, nothing less. Journalism really is in the shitter when this is what passes for sports journalism. I literally could not give a toss what he has to say about anything.


Me too amongst other years. THAT semifinal, against THEM, and then the fact that the country had Mayo crowned already, and they took over half the Hill for the final. And it’s easy to forget, we had many doubts that year, new coach, new players…


2011 for sheer - yes we did it - i don’t mind the Kerry saying they were robbed - if we were up we would be bottlers.

2013 was just a weird experience , was nearly in disbelief at the end

2015 - felt we were better than Kerry the whole way through and we were in control - until they got their goal chance towards the end

2016 - madness of the first game, i think the pressure was evident on both sides and we didn’t perform and the Own goals showed some cracks in mayo. Replay then when it looked like mayo were on top of our forwards to cormacs cameo and then the joy of winning back to back.

2017 - a truly immense game , from the early goal to jack’s knee going and the subsequent reshuffle that didn’t work. to get to half time a point down was a good effort. again was confident that we wouldn’t loose it even after keegans goal. the keep ball at the end was heart attack stuff , then the full time whistle - then relief then joy then 3 in a row.

2018 - what will be will be - the team doesn’t panic and if they are beaten it will be by an epic performance from the opposition and then we will reflect on the past 3 seasons - if we win again i wont tire of it and will ignore the detractors - these are a special group of lads.


From twitter exchanges there doesn’t seem to be any reasoned debate with him.

Never argue with fools they only drag you down to their level.


Realistically only Power, Silke and Sice from Corofin. Lundy and Molloy not seen as real options for seniors at the moment.


Were into Kerry '82 scenario now . Will the run of the green go against us this year , who knows .


Exactly. Why read his stuff and get upset. he’s a troll and he relishes the attention (and clicks).


Sice has retired from intercounty. Ian Burke will be involved and maybe Michael Farragher


It was almost unbelievable


Don’t give him or the Indo the click.

The Hypocrite generates his own income off the back of the Dubs.


yeah i agree - i’m not on the twitter machine so its screen grabs on here or from mates whatsapps were i see most of his postings.